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On September 18, 2012
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Enter the world of Zombie apps with Running Dead and Affliction: Zombie Rising

I find it weird that zombies have this eerie appeal to me; for a person who has this great fear of blood, shattered limbs, and broken bones. I have no clue where this bizarre interest originated. I find myself looking for its ghastly effect. Sometimes I feel nauseated just by watching it. Ironically, I still finish it to the end.

I watched the series called, “The Walking Dead” since the day it started to air. However, I only followed a couple or more episodes. Then, nada! I can’t even recall the names of the characters. Then there are zombie movies that started sprouting ubiquitously. Even the outbreak film, Contagion, I described it as “a sign of zombie apocalypse”.

I was wide awake last night, watching some make-up tutorials in YouTube. I got bored and have decided to check on the top ranking gaming apps from the App Store. As I was scrolling down the list, I saw a game called . I can picture some of you saying, “from make-up tutorial to Running Dead?!” Yeah, I really have fickle moments. Okay, most of time.

The first time I read Running Dead, I thought it was just like . I had envisioned that it was like an endless runner game that has zombies in it. Well, it is indeed an endless runner game with zombies but they added a stimulating angle in it.

Temple Run meets Gun Zombie are the best words to describe Running Dead. This game will allow you to run for your life just like Temple Run, but with an added challenge. You have to gun down the zombies that are blocking your way. The question is: how far can you go?

Running Dead is easy to play. You have 4 control options or navigator to choose from. Since I’m used to the tilt option for endless runner games, I chose to stick with it. It was okay at first run but I noticed that shooting the zombies at the same time made it pretty stiff. I have also tried the tapping controls. After trying it, I instantly changed my mind. It wouldn’t work unless you have 3 thumbs. It’s a flipped out option for me.

The Running Dead app doesn’t have distracting ads even if it is a free app. I loathe ads because it ruins the gameplay, and the focus of the players on the game. It’s a plus factor for the Running Dead app when they chose to avoid ads.

The game has two options to choose from: Easy and Hard. I stood by the easy mode but still consider it challenging. I can’t shoot and run at the same time. I tried the hard mode and it instantly became impossible for me to last for 5 minutes unlike the other endless runner apps. The distance and zombie kills earned in the game will help you acquire coins. These coins will help you purchase new guns or upgrade your old guns. A much needed support in enduring the zombie apocalypse of the Running Dead.

To those of you who are fed up of running and chasing, there is another zombie app that allows you to stay glued from where you stand but will scare you to death. Enter a dark room and click the .

is like Gun Zombie made even dreadful. It gives the players the horrifying masochistic gratification of surviving this game. Affliction offers the scare factor that you haven’t experienced before in mobile gaming. If you’re up for chilly experience, Affliction: Zombie Rising will give you what you are looking for.

The plot takes place in a murky warehouse matched with gory floors. The location itself was startling already. Wait until you see the shadows from the dark approach you with the flashlight as your only source of light and vision against the raging zombies.

The game is available in the gyroscope mode and virtual joystick controls. These modes depend on the kind of gadget you are using. The gyroscope mode is played by tilting the device to the direction you want. The joystick was just like the typical controls we use for games. In shooting the zombies, just aim for the headshot to save you time and to avoid running out of bullets. To reload, simply swipe your finger down and up the screen just like pulling a real slide from a gun. Always watch your back; you don’t know what to expect from the dark corners of the creepy warehouse.

Affliction: Zombie Rising is not for the faint of heart. I have tried playing in broad daylight with headphones on for full zombie experience, and it scared me to death. Imagine the scare factor it will bring if you play inside a dark room, headphones on, and with the gyroscope mode. Ideally, that is the suggested way to play the Affliction: Zombie Rising. Well, not for me.

Playing Affliction makes you feel like you were really on the run for survival. I found myself with sweat beads on my forehead, out of breath, and cursing at the zombies, wishing that those words will help them die. Poignantly, this game still has a couple of shortcomings.

Affliction: Zombie Rising progress in waves so there is no way for you to save a stage where you left. You have to start from scratch the moment your character dies. The zombies become faster as they move up in the next wave, making them impossible to kill. As I moved to the 6th wave, I felt lightheaded. The game has a nauseous effect no matter what mode you choose. But, the gyroscope will make you feel dizzy in as short as 3 waves. Impossible as it may seem, you can only unlock a gun or get an upgrade when you reach a certain wave. At the 6th wave I’m already dizzy and there is no upgrade available yet. Frustrating, isn’t it?

The game lacked content; I reckon they have wasted a commendable game because of the inadequacy of the plot. The only positive aspect of Affliction was the scare factor. The core concept isn’t ground-breaking. It is like the other zombie games just made better with its gruesome graphics and heart pounding sound effects. Affliction: Zombie Rising might turn you off after a number of trials if you are not lured to monotonous games; unless you have a strategy to finish the game without the squeamish feeling.

If we share the same fascination with zombies, then bring out the guns, run for your lives, and aim for a headshot with the and the .

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