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On September 25, 2012
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Boxthebag is a virtual boxing app for iPad.

Boxing has become one of the go-to exercises or sports when a person wants to lose weight fast. It’s a challenging social sport because it requires people to use and train all of their body parts. People who are big fans of boxing practically beef up just to maintain a certain strength and stamina required to actively engage into the game. Some even swear to boxing being the ultimate fitness regime as it tones all your muscles and make for up a lean, ripped abs.

I was never interested in boxing. But, because my father thinks he’s somewhat a disciple of Rocky Balboa when he’s done daydreaming about being an alter ego of that famous character, I kind of tolerated the sport. I only look closely at boxing when I saw this movie, The Fighter, because Christian Bale’s character of Dicky Eklund grew amorously on me (oh Lord, he’s so good in that movie).

If you are one of the many who like to delve into the practice of boxing without having to go through hours of classes of pad works and sparring, then maybe it’s time for you to try this app called Boxthebag. The best thing about Boxthebag is that it’s a virtual boxing app for iPad. It will really train your coordination and agility, and will help you achieve greater fitness and bod. The idea of this awesome app development flirts with boxing fans and fitness enthusiasts alike. The concept that you can do a sparring session anywhere with a virtual 3D punching bag is really neat and convenient. Whether you are up for a sweaty night of losing carbs, or you just need to let off steam after getting nagged at by your boss in the office, this app will certainly help you let it all out.

Boxthebag is a virtual boxing iOS app from Tech BLA Solutions Pvt ltd. Boxthebag is by all means a work-out app using shadow boxing because wherever you want to play this app, it is guaranteed that you will use and train your body. Boxthebag works for iPad 2, iPad 3, iPhone 4 & 4S, and iPod touch 4 only because in order to play the game, you need a front camera which will detect your aims and punches. This fun game app has an almost-Kinect game play which follows the method of proper hand-eye coordination because this app will let you use your force to hit the punching bag. The fact that there are no buttons on the screen guarantees that you can only champion this app through total control and power.

How Boxthebag Works?

Boxthebag uses a patent pending algorithm which detects the speed and force of the hand movement in real time and based on it the bag moves back and forth and gives the feeling of actual punching as it happens in the real world.

This is the precise statement from Tech BLA’s press release. Boxthebag uses a tracking process that identifies the strength and speed of the user’s punches which make it seem like they are really training in real boxing classes. Users need to attentively follow the directions that are displayed on their screens because each of their movements is followed by the app’s smart motion. The device that users will use needs to be placed in a stable surface like a table, or let someone hold the tablet for you so your punches can accurately register in the game.

Box Up!

  1. The setting of Boxthebag takes place in an enclosed space that looks like a basement with a punching bag.
  2. There is a mini TV in the left side of the screen where users can see themselves for proper aiming and punches. This TV will let users calculate their movements swiftly and ensure that they are aiming for the correct target.
  3. The app advises users to stand two feet away from their devices so the app can thoroughly track their movements. Also, the upper and middle part of the user’s body needs to be seen so the app can distinguish the punches. Check your stance in the mini TV as you start boxing.
  4. The room where users will perform the shadow boxing needs to be fully lit for the app to detect the movements. Brighter lights are advisable so the punches can be registered accurately in the app.
  5. Target signs will appear continuously on the punching bag which will tell users the correct spot to punch. The target signs that will pop up gradually on the screen needs to be hit properly so the player can move to the next round.
  6. For starters, it is best to try the Practice mode so you can carefully gauge your stance, the distance, stability, and the lighting. You can also test the directions of your swing when you start in Practice mode.
  7. The trick to fully enjoy this app is to punch as hard and as forcibly as you can. The swifter your aims register, the further the punching bag will be hit.
  8. Perfect your shadow boxing skills in the Practice mode then move on to the Challenge mode once you fully get the hang of the game.
  9. In the Challenge mode, users will have to get through Boxthebag’s 10 rounds of boxing exploit without missing hits.
  10. You can share your activities on Twitter and Facebook. You can also share your shadow boxing feat with friends through mail.

Jango needs to Boxthebag!

I need to really excrete unwanted excretions that are filling up 96% of my body mass so this app comes in perfect timing.

I just thought the idea is genius. I’m not a fitness-crazed dope, nor do I ever intend to be, but the idea that Boxthebag presents seems easy because after you get the gist of the game, you’ll want nothing more than to try shadow boxing. After a few sweats, you’ll certainly feel as if you can top Muhammad Ali in the boxing ring. As if.

The sound effects are great because it gives the feel of boxing so you know that deep down in there, nervousness is brewing. The designs are good because it makes you feel like a boxing coach is lurking somewhere, watching your every moves. It’s easy to take the app seriously even if you’re not serious about losing weight through an app about shadow boxing.

This app really is a coquette to the lean and the beefy. Maybe if I was a lean and a beefy, I would actually be charmed. Needless to say, this is effective as a minimal way of getting rid of carbs. Boxing fan or not, fitness buff or just a wishful thinker, this app answers easy prayers of burning out some.

Boxthebag is available on the for $2.99.


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App Review: Boxthebag
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