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Review of: Picture Me Something

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On September 21, 2012
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Picture Me Something lets you invite your Facebook friends for a photo guessing game.

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We love making fun of our friends’ photos in Facebook. We all go through the absurdity of tagging our unaware friends their pictures which show them being crazy, or not in their best Vogue-ish poses. As much as we love making fun of things, and ridiculous stuff about our bffs’ own business, we still keep in mind that some things need to be done with caution and maybe, a little guessing game. Sometimes, we even tag them things that will remind them how inane they are because we want to make them laugh. That’s just the coolest thing about life. We can make fun of things with the people who know us more than we know ourselves. The joy of having to share stuff with friends are just priceless, and endlessly satisfying.

And if you are like me who loves to surprise her friends with pointless chuckle-worthy pictures and stuff, then you better check this app called Picture Me Something. You get the gist. Picture Me Something, like Draw Something and other apps coined with “something”, will allow you to connect and goof around with your friends about the funniest photos through your mobile phones. The best thing about Picture Me Something is that, it’s such a familiar app—too familiar that there’s really no learning needed—that it spoils your giggling pleasure in no time. With the use of Facebook integration and sharing of private or non-private photos, Picture Me Something will leave you boisterously chortling with your friends and make them laugh at themselves silly!

Picture Me Something is a free iOS app from Bodychef Ltd that lets you invite your Facebook friends for some photo guessing game. At first sight, you will not think that Picture Me Something is enticing because of the plain and one-note interface. But as you become familiarized with its features, you’ll discover that Picture Me Something is actually entertaining, fresh and fun! Picture Me Something delivers the enjoyment that most apps lack because it enables you to play with your Facebook friends. And what’s better, you’re going to be playing with hilarious and even extravagant pictures of you, your stuff, and your friends, and spare them laughter that only an app like Picture Me Something can give!

Picture Me How-Tos

  1. Invite a friend in Facebook who is up for a little guessing game of pictures
  2. Choose from the four Categories available in the app: Who is this?, What is this?, Where is this?, Remember This?
  3. You can either take a photo, or select from your library of the picture that you want to be the subject of the game.
  4. Name the photo that you captured or selected, then press the “Play” button.
  5. Send the photo to the friend that you choose to play with.
  6. Uncover the photo by tapping on the films that conceal the picture.
  7. Tap on the letters at the bottom of the screen when you have a clue on what the picture is.
  8. When you answer correctly, the whole photo will be revealed. You can choose to either save or delete the photo.
  9. You can gain more films when playing with and inviting new people.

Picture Me Something’s turn-based game play adds to the fun element of the game because you can one up your friends with even more hilarious pictures. When you’re done with your little guessing game, then it’s your friend’s turn to make you guess. If you want to get rid of the unnecessary letters that join the scrambled letters at the bottom of the screen, you can tap the bomb button to get rid of them. You can poke your friends should their attention got caught up with something. Look or capture the best pictures that you can share with your friends, and be creative about the caption to make the game even more exciting!

Jango approves!

Simple, fun, and layered with ideas that can either make or break your friendship. No, I’m just kidding. This app creation is entertaining despite the plain interface because it subjects people to remind their friends about the good times and the worst which are captured and relished through pictures. The features of the app make up for its simple interface. Expect plenty of giggles and cracks when playing this with your friend. It will definitely keep you up all night!

Download Picture Me Something among the available in the App Store now.


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App Review: Picture Me Something
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