Awesome Cuteness Explosion with Kawaii Kitten Frenzy

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On February 27, 2013
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What's more kawaii than a box full of kittens? Two boxes of kittens, of course! And a mobile app riddled with cute kittens like Kawaii Kitten Frenzy.

Here’s another time-pressure game that is just oozing with cuteness. Just like the EnviroPop game we reviewed not too long ago, Kawaii Kitten Frenzy features cute little animals that anyone just can’t help going gaga over.

Cuteness Overload

If you’re one of the unfortunate people allergic to cats (or any animal for that matter), then you might want to consider downloading the iOS application Kawaii Kitten Frenzy for all your adorably cute animal needs. This match-three styled game features several cute kitties in different colors, poses, and cat noises.

There’s a white one in a cute, Jackie Chan pose; a cute Tabby raising both paws; a charcoal kitty in dance mode; a green one that’s about to topple over; a shy, red kitty; and an alert and chubby Russian Blue looking straight at the screen. At least three of them need to be next to each other before you can tap them and remove them from the grid.

Your goal is to match as many of the cute kitties as possible within 1 minute. The more kitties you remove from the grid, the higher your score. Obtain the highest possible score and place yourself at the top of the leader boards.


Paw-ntastic Features

You can hit the Pause button to temporarily suspend the ticking clock. It will help you figure out the best possible strategy to earn a high score. Personally, I’d rather do without it to really challenge myself in the game.

Auto reshuffle feature also helps players to earn a decent score. The app automatically rearranges all the kitties to let you find at least three kitties of the same kind next to each other. It’s an interesting feature that amps up the ante of any 60-second game.

Applatter Critique

Of course, Applatter loves the super kawaii kittens! The very cute, pastel images of six adorable kittens can easily make anyone say “Aww”. With that said, the user interface still needs a bit of improvement. For example, the included instructions need a better layout and the leader boards need to have a color palette that at least matches the overall look and feel of the application.

Reading the instructions can be difficult for some people.

Leader boards no longer in cute pastel colors

Despite these minor foibles, Kawaii Kitten Frenzy is still an app worth a download (and not just because it’s free). It’s a cute time-pressure game that is definitely fun to play. Hopefully the next update will reveal a fresher, more solid application.



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Awesome Cuteness Explosion with Kawaii Kitten Frenzy
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