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On January 11, 2013
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Join Fin and Jake's wacky gesture adventure in Blind Finned!

If you can’t get enough of the righteous adventurers Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, then you must brace yourself once more as this duo is about to conquer your iOS devices with the newly released gaming application from Cartoon Network Asia.

This 2013, embark on a fun-filled adventure in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo or rather, other kingdoms. I know I’ve reviewed about Scribblenauts and Max and The Magic Marker, these apps actually sort of resemble this latest app that I’ll be introducing to you as it involves drawing! Yes, if you’ve been hooked with these types of games, then you shouldn’t dare miss this one!

Inspired by the cartoon series, ‘s story involves the silly Finn being ready for another adventure with his wise dog-slash-BFF, Jake. However, he’s off to try being a blind knight and it is up to you to help Jake watch his back, of course, by running ahead of him.

Get to know more about this captivating app right after the gap.

Fresh from the Apple iTunes App Store,  is a side-scroller adventure game where you embark on the journey of your favorite Cartoon Network characters, Finn and Jake. Help them in their exciting adventure by evading numerous obstacles that come their way. Be quick in determining potential harms to Finn and protect him with the aid of Jake, his trusty brother.

Constant Companion

For those of who doesn’t recognize this duo, allow me to give you a little bit of info about them. Fin, is the only confirmed human in the Land of Ooo and he aspires to be a hero. He might not look too tough but he’s brave and whenever there’s an evil around, he’ll definitely slay it to death. On the other hand, Jake is the deuteragonist dog that has the magical ability to stretch and grow. His stretchy powers allow him to stretch and manipulate his body which comes in handy on innumerable occasions to protect Fin throughout their adventures.

Stretch Your Way

As you open the app, you’ll be presented with options: to log-in or sign-up using your Cartoon network account or play as a guest. If you choose the latter, you’ll not be able to save your score and you’re also not entitled in earning badges. After logging in, you’ll be seeing an interactive book containing Help, Badges and Ranking.


This section provides you guidelines and instructions of how to play the game. According to this app, Finn has decided to be a blind knight and to protect him from any form of jeopardy, you must shape-shift Jake into the right form. You must be keen in identifying the threats and obstacles beforehand to quickly use the correct gesture and save Finn.

The Bridge
Finn will fall to his doom unless you bridge the gap. To save him from his demise, swipe an upward stroke shape to allow him to cross over.

The Umbrella
Things will rain on Finn’s parade done by none other than those villains such as the Ice King, unless you cover him from above. Simply swipe an inverted cone or pyramid to give him sort of a shelter and protect him.

The Sword
Dangers lurk ahead! There are obstacle in the game sch as spikes that you can get rid off by swiping your finger upward to turn it into a sword and clear the path.

Some badges you earn in the game are those you achieve whenever you successfully thrive into something such as if you’re able to reach certain stages in the game–be it the night stage, ice stage and the like. You’re also rewarded when you thwart some hurdles such as lava, spikes and acid, or if you’ve defeated some villains in the game such as Magic Man, Ice King and among others. So, if you’ve evaded some obstacle then you’ll most likely get a badge in return.

This portion is simply the place where scores are recorded. However, if you’re just a guest player then yours will not be recorded/stored here.

Once you’ve hit the play button, you’ll be given choices again, but this time, you have to select the difficulty mode of the game namely Easy, Normal and Insane.

The fun adventure then begins as you fill in the shoes of Finn. Keep an eye out for any potential danger that he might not see and swipe your fingers and draw the necessary aid to protect him. Jake will then transform depending on the strokes you’ve made. He may turn into a bridge, a sword, or an umbrella to deal with each threat as they come. And yeah, it looks like Finn is having the time of his life as a blindfolded knight. Red dotted lines are present to indicate the shape you’re making.

Explore Candy Kingdom, the Forest, and even the Ice Kingdom. You simply just have to stay alert and keep Finn safe from any obstacles and threats along the path and your score will be determined by how far you can go.

A Wacky Gesture Adventure

What I particularly like about this app are the graphics that are eye-catching. I like how the loading graphics aren’t  taken for granted, since they pretty much sway you from feeling frustrated waiting for the game to start. There are also ads in between but you can skip it. Gameplay wise, well, personally I think the game’s pretty hard. I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s due to the controls. It’s a challenge to jack up and try again since it gets so frustrating that the app doesn’t respond as quickly as you swipe the line or the shape you’re making. You must even draw it large for it to be effective. Good thing there are boxes above indicating what skills Jake will be utilizing. But still, it doesn’t respond as quick as your finger.

On another note, I commend its music, although it’s repetitive, it’s still stirs up enjoyment and is engaging in a sense. However, if you commit one mistake and your game is totally doomed. It would be far better if there are checkpoints available where players can respawn to. Or perhaps, it could be more convenient on the part of the player if there are levels or stages to choose from. Overall, this app is worth playing if you want to use your spare or extra time to have some fun and a bit of thrill.

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

 ceased to be flattering but it’s still not that superficial than Scribblenauts or Max and The Magic Marker. Being in the same vein as those apps, I think this app has a lot to improve on albeit it has really a great potential considering that this was based on a popular cartoon series and yeah, I bet their fans want to try this app out. I hope it could get some upgrades so that it will be more compelling and easier to play with for the users. Nonetheless, if you’re up for an adventure that will not just test your patience but as well as your skill in responding to potential perils to protect Finn from any forms of harm, then this app is a must-try! Be their best companion.

Try your luck  and be the legend you should be on the for the price of free!


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