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A tile-matching application created to safeguard the lives of endangered marine creatures virtually and literally.

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The depressing state of our marine wildlife provides an avenue for environmental organizations and concerned individuals to push their advocacy for conservation to up a notch. From fund raising fun runs and even dire calls for donations, international groups are keeping themselves busy as they take on one goal: the betterment of Mother Earth by restoring the balance of nature. And how can we acquire the world’s composure if we don’t even have the slightest sense to cooperate? If you’re not up for a mile run or your pocket can only cough up a few dollars, worry not, because you can still collaborate even through meager ways and in the comfort of your own sofa!

For tile-matching puzzle addicts with good hearts, this application brought to us by the blue-ribbon partnership of the World Wide Fund for Nature-Philippines (WWF) and app innovator, AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. called EnviroPop, will give a chance for app-mongers to virtually and literally save the lives of various underwater creatures through tapping and swiping! Check out what the app has in store after the cut.

WWF is a world-renowned organization which has a solid campaign on the conservation of nature. They have been around since 1997, making tedious and rewarding steps toward the salvation of our environment. In line with their shout for awareness, comes their latest and most tech-savvy drive in the form of a cute and compelling application!

EnviroPop, a tile-matching puzzle game created by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. in cooperation with WWF-Philippines, makes use of a tap-and-swipe-to-erase game play where players must take out the harmful threats to marine life found in the grid. Mixed up with WWF’s choice of underwater endangered species are a handful of hazards including trawl nets, cyanide bottles, oil drums, PET bottles, oil drums, and dynamites. Within a minute, players must zap the pesky materials out of the grid by tapping three or more of the same tiles and then swiping them away.

Game Play

There are no switching of tiles in EnviroPop; it’s really an easy game fit to pass the time and while away your boring afternoon. It doesn’t matter if the objects aren’t lined up in a straight row of threes or fours, maybe even more. The only thing players are to do is to tap all the look-alikes and then make a swiping motion to make the object disappear. This will then lead the main characters in the game out of harm’s way.

Players must accomplish their grave mission before the timer reaches its 60-second mark. The more abhorrent and destructive fishing paraphernalia they take out of the grid, the higher their scores. So better flex those thumb muscles as EnviroPop will test its agility!

The characters to save and love

As what I’ve mentioned, there are adorable main characters that are included in the game. The characters represent WWF-Philippines’ species of significance as these are the endangered marine lives that are being focused on by the said organization.

We can get to know more about them by visiting the app’s dainty and enlightening feature which is the Enviropedia. By clicking on this tab, facts regarding whale sharks, clown fishes, groupers, pawikans (sea turtles), dugongs, dolphins, and of course pandas—WWF’s recognized mascot. Important information regarding the threats can also be read on this tab so more people will be abreast of how those materials can very much put marine lives to jeopardy.

To add to the already lighthearted feel of the app, the developers made sure that the characters’ looks will undoubtedly appeal to its audience. I do admit that I’m an oaf when it comes to anything that’s charming and bright-eyed. Well, obviously, EnviroPop did a great job on capturing my 8-year-old seld as I cooed over how cuddly the icons seem to be.

Now, I won’t be too much of a tease here so take a look at all of the lovely underwater chums the app showcases:

Fun fact: When you zap out a row of hazardous materials beside Chi Chi the Panda’s icon, you’ll get five times the usual score.

Save the innocent and docile creatures from extinction with the help of EnviroPop. Trust me, you won’t only be helping them virtually because the sole act of downloading the app already is your receipt on offering your aid.

Are you ready to help?

There are two versions of the app of late, the Lite and Full version. You can first download the free one to practice taking out the hazards so you can then be confident enough to download the Full version for a $0.99. Now, don’t be so stingy as the proceeds coming from the paid downloads will go directly to WWF’s marine conservation fund. It’s a good bargain, don’t you think? The app will give you hours of fun while you give the organization more means to save the planet.

Head on to the WWF’s official website to learn how you can further help their advocacy.

Harrie extremely loves EnviroPop!

With polished graphics, alleviating sound scoring, and altruistic advocacy to boot, EnviroPop is an application that deserves every concerned soul’s consideration. If you can download those that costs so much more, why not cough up less than a dollar so you can chip in to the fund?

Even though the game play is very basic compared to other apps, the whole experience and the fact that you’ll probably rescue a bunch of sea creatures already makes it a download-worthy app.

EnviroPop is made not just to entertain but to educate. With more eyes open to our nature’s health, we can slowly build up a much better ecosystem. Come to think of it, it’s for everyone’s benefit. And as per the app’s description, “this addictive time-pressured game will definitely test your skills and develop your passion for the sea.”

You can have your own EnviroPop by going to the App Store now! And for the Android users, you’ll get a chance to save creatures soon enough, just wait for it for the time being.


For a better teaser, watch the video below:

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