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On January 8, 2013
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Make your way through numerous boats and barriers with A Stickman Wave Racer.

Back in my childhood days, I always refer to sticks when I was asked to draw people. I have no talent in drawing or arts. Or maybe just a little, I don’t know. I muse over the day when I drew my dad, mom, and myself in form of sticks and told myself that it was a family portrait. It may look weird, but that is my best when it comes to drawing. Arts is not for me. Obviously, I am for writing only.

When we talk about apps, we refer to stunning graphics. Some even have a close to reality visual elements or 3D aspect which I love. They’re way too fascinating, don’t you guys agree? Surprisingly, there are still simple apps that offers simple graphics, and one of them has a stickman character. I think they learned that character from my exceptional drawing skills. I kid!

by RoboNacho Systems, LLC is an endless runner/racing game that uses an eccentric character and vehicle. Most endless runner games will use cars, boats, or the character alone. With Stickman Wave Racer, you will need to race against the boats using a personal watercraft.

  • Fun endless gameplay
  • Game Center – challenge your friends high scores!
  • Awesome soundtrack
  • Fun stickman style graphics
  • Simple tap / tilt controls



Stickman Wave Racer has the simplest gameplay ever. All you have to do is race against the boats and make sure that your character along with your watercraft will not explode. Explosion will occur once you hit the red dots on the edge of the water. In order to avoid the red dots, you have to move the stickman to the direction that you want by tilting your device right or left. You can also tap the screen to increase the speed of your watercraft, but you have to do it with caution as you might crash the boats along the way.

As you move farther, you will notice that there are more boats that will try to stop you on your race against them. All you have to do is avoid them by skillfully tilting your device to your preferred direction.

Beat the boats or escape the game?

If you can’t escape the endless runner fixation, then this app is definitely for you. A Stickman Wave Racer is like the other endless runner games: Temple Run, Temple Run: Brave, and Chasing Yello. However, this game is literally chaste. You don’t need to jump or slide in order for you to get the highest possible score. The only skill that you are required to have is agility to create a swift move in avoiding the barriers and get a high score. Even kids can learn this in less than a minute.

I like the candor that Stickman Wave Racer offers. No other elements were augmented to make the stickman stand out in the game. The graphics were made scrupulously along with the sounds to match on all counts with Stickman Wave Racer. But of course, since I downloaded a free game I have to withstand the ads that keeps on popping at the end of every run.

For me, the game is acutely plain. It lacks the ideal kind of action that the endless runner partisans are looking for. I have to admit that I had a hard time moving the character to my preferred direction and getting a high score. But, the monotonous gameplay is what makes this game lackluster. I would love the game if there were stickmen that will block the main character or would put some additional barriers in the game so you get an unexpected twist and a bit of rush in the game. Of course, that is just my suggestion.

A Stickman Wave Racer is available in the for free.


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Get the Stickman Wave Racer!
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