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On January 18, 2013
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Hop on a mission to run far with Ham on the Run!

Applatter already gave you the Top 5 Porky-licious Apps. And it looks like a pig with a brave heart wants to be included in the roster of porky-licious apps. If you’ve experienced the ride of your life with Jetpack Joyride and all the other endless running game, then you’d probably love a pig to do the trick. However, this little creature doesn’t just run for he flies in a carpet and even rides a bad-ass ride. How cool is that?

If you’ve had enough of the cursed idols running for their lives, then allow me to introduce to you Ham, a pig who’s always on the run. Set in a country carnival, this hog loves to terrorize chickens. Yes, you heard it right. Join his endless running adventure to see what it has to offer to all the casual game players out there.

Ready now? Indulge in this gleeful game after the break. Oink, oink.

Developed by Glu Games Inc.,  is yet another Temple Run clone where you control a running pig and dodge various obstacles. What definitely stands out about it is the cute and adorable look of the hog that when you first fire up the game, you’ll see it smiling while running along.


• Use crazy powerups for more distance
• Game Center Leaderboards
• Upgrade powerups and buy next run boosts in the store
• Simple one touch controls
• Complete over 150 challenging missions
• In game friend score markers
• “Just one more try” gameplay for endless fun
• More chickens than you can count


Swine on the Run

This is yet another infinite running game where you help Ham, the pink pig get as far as it can. This app has the resemblance with Nosferatu and Jetpack Joyride, however it comes in a different package. As you delve into the game, there isn’t a tutorial that teaches you how to play it, your pig is instantly thrown from a canon and then it will begin to dart out in a constant speed  infinitely. You control it by tapping on the screen to make it jump and navigate him to evade hazards in the carnival grounds such as gaps, bear traps, missiles, a flying red car similar to Harry Potter and among others.

In the game, you also collect special power-ups and grab floating tickets. And oh, you terrorize chickens too. You can hop on to them and it you string four chickens all together then you’ll get a short bonus mode. The latter is an opportunity to gather more veggies. So there, basically, the game is just that– you engage in a mission to run as far as you can, eat vegetables, bounce on chickens’ heads. So yeah, this carnival isn’t kid-friendly at all. However, it certainly nailed that “one more round” feel. Eventually in the game, you’ll be urged to repeat the game in pursuit of  defeating your previous score.

Some of the perils you must deal with the app are easy to dodge, but there are a few in which you must be quick and think wisely of the act you’ll be doing. To exemplify, there are missiles that will be thrown away in the game every once in a while, the screen actually instantly shows an alert sign and hence, you must try to evade all of it. Other than that there’s a flying red car that you must avoid as well. There’s a warning sound– that sounds like a horn–indicating its arrival, from there you must make adjustments in your leap or else, it will put the pig in its demise.

On another note, the game takes cues from Jetpack Joyride with a wheel to spin for bonuses at the end of your run, including three missions at a time to shoot for. The tickets you’ve accumulated throughout the game can be used to spin the wheel for prizes. You may opt to buy a ticket to give the wheel a try and have the chance to win game changing items like the Halo (revive from your next death), the Jet Engine (700 yard pre-run boost) and Carpet Pig, which basically drops the swine on a flying carpet; you can consume one hit while on the carpet, pogo-stick and tractor. Moreover, you can splurge on various upgrades available, such as a Veggie Vacuum that allows you to harvest from a greater distance, and a Hover Pig that aids the pig to catch big air. Other times, you’ll just earn extra vegetables. Other than that, you may also choose to pay real money to get some extra items, which will be charged to your iTunes account. You can disable the in-app purchasing though by adjusting your device settings.


Keep it Fresh

This 2D endless runner game isn’t groundbreaking in any regard, it just borrowed the same old concept of the others but it did great in some aspects making it engaging and at the same time, enjoyable to play with. The art and style of it is superb with its carnival theme. The backdrop or background is stunning as well. The pacing, on the other hand, is something to commend to in the app although I suggest that they (pertaining to the devs of this app) sort of make the running of the pig a bit slower, or if not, have that option where you can control its speed as well as the height of its jump. I had a hard time controlling its jump since its fixed to a certain height, which is why I often end up dying because of the missiles. Or perhaps they should adjust the jump height because when I tap the screen for a short time it tends to jump higher like I tap it for a long time. Nonetheless, this game provides a lot of  incentive to run again way beyond the intrinsic replay factor, after the control is beyond easy.

Overall, this app is pretty addictive to the point that I find myself wanting to better my high score. Although, it isn’t that remarkable as the other endless running game, I still find it entertaining especially with its sound effects. It makes the gaming experience much engaging as if you’re transcended to a country carnival where you step on chickens.

But needless to say and on the flip side, this one isn’t recommended for kids since it inflicts some violence, you know, with the missiles and bouncing on the chickens. I even find it pitiful for the pig whenever he dies or stumbled upon those obstacles. Not to mention, it does nothing to advance the genre.

Beyond Infinity

 isn’t necessarily new, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable since it has twists that separates it from the norm. You can grab this app for free anyway and I bet this will certainly appeal the casual gamers out there who are often yearning for some game to play during their spare time.

Indulge on the charming country fair theme of the app and help the swine makes it way to infinity and beyond. Download this app on the for FREE!

Check the trailer of the app below:

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