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Set your towers well to protect the bed and the kid from those creepy villains who love giving nightmares!

More Details

Get ready for The Creeps! No, I’m not talking about a rock band or some famous artist that you know. The Creeps! is a casual game application specially designed for iOS devices. Developed by Super Squawk Software LLC, this addicting game showcases some eerie and strange creatures who act as your enemies. The Creeps!, with over 3 million downloads already, falls under the tower defense inspired applications.

is a fun and challenging game. Period. The app lets you battle with ghosts, zombies, aliens, dinosaurs, evil animated creatures, and a lot more. This is a tower defense and strategy based app in one as you need to protect the “safe place”, which is the bed, and put the right defenses to defeat the monsters that will come your way.

Insanely Entertaining Features

√ The app has a total of 16 levels divided into a variety of themes; 5 of which can be readily played while the remaining 11 levels need to be purchased first.

  • Free Levels
  1. Classic Levels – is composed of three game types namely Endurance, Door Buster, and Survival. Endurance has 12 games, Door Buster consists of 6 games, and Survival has 12 games.
  2. Bonus Levels – has 5 survival games
  3. 4th of July Freedom Pack – has 7 survival games
  4. Thanksgiving Pack – is composed of 7 Thanksgiving themed games
  5. Christmas Bonus – features 11 survival type of games
  • In-App Purchase Levels – each level is available for only $0.99 or you may unlock all level packs for only $5.99.
  1. Dinosaur Danger
  2. Dinosaur Doorbusters
  3. Variety Pack
  4. Super Charged!
  5. Assault and Batteries
  6. Voltage Doorbusters
  7. Valentine Megapack
  8. St. Patrick’s Megapack
  9. Easter Megapack
  10. Halloween Fright Pack
  11. Christmas Megapack

√ The app’s game center support is included in the app. You can conveniently enable it anytime you wish.

√ It lets you share your scores with your friends through its online leaderboard and achievement features.

√ The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. The required iOS version is 3.0 or later.

√ It is available for free!

Meet the Creepy Characters Living Inside Your Closet

The characters in this app possess different skills and powers. The regular creeps are divided into three groups: The first group has normal speed and health; the second group consists of creeps who are weak but tend to move really fast; and the last group is composed of the slowest creeps but are the strongest. Aside from the regular creeps, there are also some so-called Bosses who are bigger, stronger, and are the slower versions of the regular creeps. But, you have to be really careful because these Big Creeps do double damage to the bed. And the last set of creeps is called as Mega Bosses. Mega Bosses are known for being the toughest. They are the biggest and strongest of all. Once they get to the bed, they will take triple the normal damage or in other words they are equivalent to 3 points.

  • Gary
  • Bat Dan
  • Skully
  • Count Phil
  • Rob
  • Mum.eE
  • Pink Blob
  • Squidoo
  • Lord Brain Head
  • Tentacle Noggin
  • Emo-pillar
  • King Hodor
  • Wattson
  • Dull Jelly
  • Unconfident Crab
  • Dangler Fish
  • Mono Urchin
  • Snailzilla
  • Tri Top
  • Bronto
  • Trilobyte
  • Stego
  • Terry
  • T-Rex
  • Evil Gift
  • Evil Cupcake
  • Evil Heart
  • Evil Chocolate
  • Evil Cupid
  • Evil Mutant Teddy
  • Killover
  • Coin Face
  • Mad Hat
  • Horseshoe Joe
  • Betty Banshee
  • Leper Khan
  • Evil Egg
  • Happy Basket
  • Not a Peep
  • Carroty Kid
  • Jolly Bean
  • Hare on Fire
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Cone and D-Librarian
  • Rocket Face
  • Snake Pellet
  • Spinner
  • Pagoda Pete

Click here to see the rest of the Creeps.

Towers are Here to Save the Bed!!!

To defend the bed and the kid from the villains,of course you need some powers and a dependable team who will back you up. That’s why we have these so-called towers! These towers are created to help you beat those terrifying creeps. The towers can be purchased for a corresponding amount and can also be upgraded so you can turn them into very powerful weapons. You can buy the towers by using the credits, game money, given at the start of the game or those coins that you got after defeating the creeps. Aside from the normal towers that you can use to protect the bed and the kid, you can also opt to purchase some power towers. These power towers are designed with exceptional functions that do massive damages to the creeps.

  • Blaster
  • Glue Bottle
  • Boom! Erang
  • Flashlight
  • Shuriken
  • Present
  • Sweater
  • Electricity Ball
  • Battery
  • Piggy Bank
  • Cupid’s Bow
  • Pot O’ Gold
The Power Towers:

  • Number One Fan
  • Oil Can
  • Giant Spider
  • UFO

Click here to see the rest of the Towers.

How to Play the Game

Just like any tower defense inspired apps, the goal of this game is to defeat all the dreadful creeps before they reach the bed and the kid. You need to plan a great strategy and place all your towers at the right places in order to protect your “personal space”. The mission is to finish all the waves and destroy all the creatures before your point hits zero. In every game, you only got 10 points which you need to save up to the last wave in order to win.

The games are divided into 3 modes such as Easy, Normal, and Hard. If you feel like a pro, you can also make the game even more difficult by multiplying the pace by two. A friendly reminder, though, I suggest that you should not opt for the latter option for it will surely fill the bed with creeps and nightmares. Therefore, it will only result to failure because you will no longer be able to finish all the waves.

Visually Appealing Design

Interestingly, The Creeps! has an appealing design. At first, when I heard of this app I thought it would be full of horrible images or scary features. But, I was wrong. The characters in it are not really creepy or frightening. In fact, I find most of them as fascinating and cute. Few of my favorite creeps are Cherry Bomb, Rocket Face, Evil Mutant Teddy, and Evil Heart. Overall, the app is packed with excellent graphic designs and impressive hues.

But wait, there’s more! *If I may say…* The Creeps! is now available in high definition. The Creeps! HD is compatible with iPad devices. With this app, you will be able to view the creeps in better images and big screens.

End Note

I’m a self-confessed fan of this addicting game. *I guess you already know that!* The game offers a lot of twists and turns, which I find very amusing. In fact, I still play this app once in a while, when I got nothing else to do. Playing The Creeps! will surely help you kill time. On the flip side, I just noticed that this game uses more battery life compared to the other games that I play. I just wish that it doesn’t eat much battery life so I can play with it much longer than I used to. But other than that, I still personally believe that The Creeps! is definitely a must-try app.

Wait no more! Visit the Itunes App Store and download The Creeps! today! and are both available for free!

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