Jenny Rabbit – Egg Run: Run with Style

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Evaristo Ortega, Jr
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On March 19, 2013
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Jenny, the adorable rabbit, lets you run with style! Gather as many Easter eggs as you can to get fashionable items in an instant!

Endless running games are and will always be a sure hit to all app lovers! I guess Temple Run I and 2, Temple Run Brave, Subway Surfer, and Chasing Yello are just some of the apps that can attest to the magical influence that these running games have brought to the application industry. (Know more about the Endless Runner Craze games here.) Well, we can never defy anyway the ultimate fun and addicting gameplay that they continuously bring to the lives of our dear gamers so I bet running inspired games will continue to flourish for more years.

And speaking of games, here’s another endless running inspired application that will definitely invade your iOS devices in no time. Applatter readers, say hello to Jenny Rabbit – Egg Run.

Meet the Adorable Bunny! 

Jenny Rabbit – Egg Run is the cutest side-scrolling game featuring the newest fashionista bunny, Jenny. This iOS game application is specially designed to all female gamers, both young and those who are still young at heart. Jenny Rabbit – Egg Run, developed by Evaristo Ortega, Jr., is a sure hit to all girls who like dressing up and are into fashion.

The Gameplay

Jenny Rabbit – Egg Run offers a simple yet challenging gameplay. To play this game, all you have to do is to make the bunny, Jenny, jump and hop by tapping the screen once or twice depending on the distance of the leap which you need to make. Jumping, however, shouldn’t be done carelessly as you need to avoid all the obstacles that will get in Jenny’s way while gathering some Easter eggs to score higher and reach a longer distance.

“Eggy” Notes to Remember

・ Make sure to gather as many Easter eggs as you can as you will need them to exchange for some stylish clothes and power ups.
・ Do a single tap to make Jenny jump or double tap to make her hop higher.
・ As the game progresses, Jenny’s running and jumping speed increases.
・ The app can be shared via Facebook and Twitter.
・ Jenny Rabbit – Egg Run is available for free until March 24 only.

Be Jenny’s Fashion Comrade Today!

Jenny Rabbit – Egg Run is undeniably an entertaining game app that all young girls will surely love. I was just thinking, though, that prolly a male version of this fashionable bunny should be developed for our male game enthusiasts. Who knows… they might find it interesting as well. But overall, this visually appealing app is definitely a must-try for all young gamers slash fashionistas out there. The bottom line, if you’re up to endless side-scrolling running and dressing up an adorable bunny, then Jenny Rabbit – Egg Run is the perfect app for you.


Is Jenny a real chic bunny? Take a peek at the video below to find out:

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Jenny Rabbit – Egg Run: Run with Style
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