Max and the Magic Marker: Doesn’t Run Out Of Imaginative Ink!

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Electronic Arts
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On September 26, 2012
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Run, jump, think and draw with Max and the Magic Marker!

It looks like another game of imagination is here to let you have another creative indulgence. But this one’s different, you don’t type a word, you draw!

Introducing an indie gaming application that has bagged more awards than I can mention. Max and the Magic Marker is an award-winning game that was first launched on PC. It was then released as a downloadable title for Wii and eventually made its mobile debut on Windows Phone 7 devices. And now it jumped into the iOS devices (, ). The app is continuously making its mark on the app world as it takes you to a totally different gaming experience, allowing you to play with a magic marker.

Read on the entire iOS app review after the gap and let the drawing begin!

Max and the Magic Marker by Electronic Arts is an innovative platforming or side-scrolling puzzle game that puts you in control of the eponymous Max who owns a magic marker. Instead of the regular exploration in a linear path, this platformer urges you to draw solutions to troubles that come your way.It offers an intimate affair with a touch screen allowing you to make your sketches come to life.

It all started when Max got a mysterious marker in the mail slot in his house. The first thing he drew was a monster. Surprisingly, the monster came to life and jumped into another drawing. And then the chase begun! Max drew himself onto the page to plunge into a hand-drawn world to stop the inky monster armed only with his pen.

Join in the inky adventure of Max as he strives through the challenges along his quest to look for the monster.

Drawing is your weapon

In this game, you have an eponymous magic marker that enables you to draw freehand in the game – anything you draw turns into an interactive object within the game world. Now it’s your duty to help Max overcome enemies, obstacles and oodles of Physics-based puzzles.

This game is broken up into bite-sized experiences which features 58 awesome levels in 3 different worlds. It is compatible with any iOS devices. It allows you to unleash your artistic talents (or lack thereof) and experience a whole new world with Max.

It all begins with some traditional, mundane side-scrolling platforming gameplay then it slowly ascends into the drawing mechanic. Along the way, you’ll encounter tons of  obstacles. Want to climb up into the sky? Then draw stairs using your almighty finger. Let your drawings interact with the environment. Be mindful though, since the ink of the magic marker has finite supply and refills aren’t plentiful at times. It leaves you little room to work creatively though it’s still up to you to utilize it cleverly plus it set limits so you can’t easily sketch your way past each and every hazard. You can recoup used ink collecting orbs filled with orange ink or you can reabsorb it anytime by double-tapping a drawing or just tapping once on your marker to restore it all.

In the game you must run, jump, grab something and draw using the giant translucent sky marker to creatively solve inventive puzzles and overcome hindrances that are thrown into you. You’d actually see similar obstacles from other joints in the genre. Let’s say, for an instance, an open pit or ravine. Along your way, you can jump high to pass through it or contsruct yourself a bridge or even oddities.

Purple gobos– your enemies– actually prowl, so as much as possible, avoid them or you can try on killing them by maybe drawing heavy squiggles above their heads to squash them like bugs. If you stumble upon hard-to-reach spots, why not create a ladder? And TAKE NOTE: Water must always be avoided– be it in a form of lakes, rainstorm and the like. If you get to stumble upon a toxic rainstorm that blocks your way, it will wash you out. You better skirt past the deadly rain clouds by protecting yourself with sort of a shield that you can push along.

Anyway, although you can draw in realtime, it would be helpful if you master the ability to use the pause button to doodle out a clever solution– this is ideal if you want to draw lines under you or if you want to take an initial step to dodge your foes that targets you. Later in the game, various impediments get more sophisticated and grueling while weights and counterbalance puzzles get a bit mind-bending.

The app has a number of collectibles. You must collect ink and orbs or golden spheres along the way. You may also find some elusive black spheres if you’re that keen. Use your wits to traverse and circumvent obstructions as fast as you can and eventually come up with a solution of how to defeat the evil monster who wants to ruin Max’s drawings.

Making a mark with your wits

Likewise the app Scribblenauts Remix, I like how users can provide and choose their own solution to the game. You can travel in style and even go to the extremes, however going all-out may not be an option all the time since you only have limited supply of ink. Another thing to appreciate in the app is the graphic design that is in the form of a drawn cartoon. It’s very pleasing and delightful to the eyes. The music, on the other hand is so-so, I mean it’s okay, but it seems repetitive so it doesn’t attract that much. My other gripe though has something to do with their death system– once you screw up, you start a particular level all over again; it takes away the joy somehow. Moreover, I think it’s recommendable if one can zoom or scroll around each level. With the lack thereof, you’re somehow bounded since you are limited only to your current surroundings. It also tends to be laggy at times.

In general, this is one of those apps that simply let your imagination run freely, and I guess you can’t always have that. The controls are sometimes frustrating since you can’t draw accurately with the marker using your fingers. Nonetheless, both the cool concept and impressive gameplay rules all. It may not be the best of its kind, but in my book, it’s considerably fun enough. Overall, the downsides don’t necessarily kill the experience.

Endless Possibilities

Max and the Magic Marker is a whimsical drawing game in its own scribbling best. It may not be the first time we encounter such innovative formula, but this app is on par with the best ones. Its ingeniousness offers some heaps of charm for the gamers. In addition to that, the tactile experience this app provides makes your fantasy a reality, in a sense. Although it is hampered by some control frustrations, yet it is– without a doubt– another stroke of genius. It is a solid nook of imagination that bestowed full control in your hands. So the verdict here is that this app worth a try.

Now, go make your mark and enjoy this entertaining romp on the iTunes AppStore for  and .

Watch the trailer of app below:

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Max and the Magic Marker: Doesn’t Run Out Of Imaginative Ink!
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