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Join in the journey of monster battles with MinoMonsters!

Are you an avid  fan of the famous Japanese animation Pokémon series? Do you remember the courageous little boy Ash Ketchum and his friends that roams around the world for an epic adventure catching new Pokémon or pocket monsters?

I bet you were once fascinated by the highlights of the anime including the battle of the Pokémon trainers, the quest for Gym Badges from tournaments and the attempts of busting some criminal group’s acts of evil.

Being the most in-demand and ever-popular franchise, many video game developers including Nintendo adapt the concept and tweaked it into an addictive game. However, now that we can have those games right at our fingertips via our handy mobile phones, there’s this particular app that’s merely a shameless ripoff of the well-known Pokémon. But this one managed to come up with a new type of adventure game.

Adopt a lovely pet and carry it with you on your phone wherever you may be and battle against other similar creatures owned by your friends. Brace yourself, join the journey and get to know more about this freemium app right after the cut.

Whether you’re a casual game player or simply just looking for apps where you can spend a considerable amount of spare time playing it, my bet would be on this gorgeous game called . This game throws you to the realm of Zancardi, a kingdom whose people could control the elements. In order to protect and save  that world from the encroaching evil, you must capture and train the MinoMonsters (or Minos), the only inhabitants remaining.

is a fast-paced adventure game and is the brainchild of, well, MinoMonsters, Inc. With this gaming application, you have to raise a team of Minos and vie in some epic battles.

Monsterrific Features

• Collect cute and exciting pet monsters.
• Each Mino has a unique personality.
• Train your team of powerful Minos for battle against others.
• Hours of addictive gameplay.
• Stunning cinematic visuals.
• Discover the rare Legendary Minos!

The Great Battle Of The Minos

On the surface, you’d thought of this game as plain simple and lacks depth. Not to mention, you’ll muddle through it a bit–but still bearable, if I may say. However these first impressions don’t last long enough.

Each cute Mino or little monsters in the game has its own special skills and distinct personality. And it’s up to you to choose wisely who you’ll be your Pikachu or rather lifetime buddy that will stick to you on all battles all the time.  Once you’ve totally got the grip of the mechanics of the game, you may then assemble your very own dream team of monsters and compete with fast-paced elemental battles against millions of others. Basically, you just have to select from tons of Mino species and have your team in a boot camp then you may indulge on competitions against others in a battle.

Just like Pokémon, you have to take care of your chosen Minos. You let them engage in some competitions against other Minos and gain new skills, points and even coins. And yes, you can make them evolve with a certain amount of coin stars.  In-game competition is the same as the popular anime and video game where you’re transported into an island and then you begin battling off other Minos and yeah, just a plain copy of  the original series or video game where you take turns.

To start the battle, you just have to select which stage you want to compete: Mystery (buy to unlock), Arena (where you can battle other players), Water, Earth, and Fire . There are various choices in the app and some can be unlocked as you progress. To attack, you simply tap on your opponent and then your Mino will do the trick. Each monster has multitude abilities (with more gradually unlocking as they level up). You may use some of its skills to throw in different form of attacks so that the other Mino will be put to its demise faster and much effectively. But if you have more than one Mino, you may switch who’ll be vying with your opponent/s.

Once you’ve almost completed a certain level, you’ll then have to face the boss monster before you can actually go to the next stage or island. The progression is all but extremely linear however when you’re stuck at the moment when you can’t defeat the boss, you’re urged to go back to the previous levels to gain more XP points. While the older islands do offer some replay value, trying to collect all the Rare and Mega Rare monsters, it’s ultimately easy to have every respawn on a timer after getting sort of trapped on yet another boss. Overall, the game isn’t that difficult actually. It’s just a bit frustrating and tedious at some point.

And oh, did I mention they have those legendary stones that you have to hoard to summon the water guardian? Sounds interesting, ain’t it? On another note, just like any other arcade games, the on-screen display shows when a bonus is available, your Mino’s health condition and of course, your opponent’s lifeline. Other than that, in-app purchases are also available in this app where you can buy various boosts with real money. With the latter, you can buy additional heals and so on. Additionally, there are also some pricey monsters available for hundreds of coins. This seems almost pointless, since you can only have a handful of Minos in your team.

While you can fight with your friends, you must deal with a random string of letters and numbers before your friends can add you. The perks of adding friends though are pretty limited – they can unlock a chain for you and with six unlocks, you can gain a new Mega Rare monster.

I Choose You!

I highly commend the battle animations play out in this app. Not just that, it has an impressive cartoon graphics that are vivid, bright and overly charming. Besides the latter, those implemented on-screen drops to collect each time you hit an enemy, certainly breaks up the monotony of  a one-click turn-based battle. Another plus for this is the variety of Minos that have their own stunning looks, outstanding styles and corresponding elements.

Gameplay wise, it’s quite addictive; appealing enough for some play sessions but becomes sort of tedious in the long run. Overall, I believe this is still well worth a download. Nonetheless, it showed great potential and definitely an exceptional alternative for brief play.

Final Thoughts

 is an amazing app to check out although it still has a long way to go. It’s already engaging but if it’ll be given some more  improvements then this could be a topnotch one. The benchmark that Pokémon left in us–of what a monster battle should be–still remains unbeatable, however, this app provided enough to keep its players entertained and well, it’s still pretty cool to play with.

For a grand price of FREE, you may now collect, raise, and battle your way to this insanely addictive adventure game. Download it on the .

View the trailer video of this app below:

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