Ritchie the Woodcutter’s Super World Adventures

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On November 16, 2012
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Help Ritchie the Woodcutter get his lunch back by going through levels of obstacles against the hungry boar.

Mario Brothers – the king of all the auspicious adventure games ever created is one of my favorite games of all time. I look upon my childhood days when I used to borrow my friend’s old-school Nintendo Game Boy (it was still black and white from way back) just to play Mario games. My playtime normally lasts an entire day. Boy, I miss those good old days.

Since Nintendo owns the Mario games, the app fanatics cannot enjoy the Mario Games in their smartphones and technically advanced tablets. ’s Solution? Create a game that has the same premise called .


✓ 6 uniquely landscaped ENVIRONMENTS
✓ 36 action-packed LEVELS
✓ 12 challenging BOSSES
✓ 100+ hidden BONUS ITEMS

The Woodcutter’s Gameplay:

Ritchie the woodcutter’s (A.K.A. Mario’s rip-off) lunch was stolen by a ravening boar. In order to get his lunch back, Ritchie will need to work his way through 36 levels of jumping, running, and a bit of swimming. Just like other adventure games or simply any game for that matter, there are obstacles that Ritchie has to face. Deadly spikes, dangerous gaps, and bestial crooks such as worms, birds and squirrels are created to let Ritchie have a bleak quest in getting his grub back. These villains can be eradicated by tossing an acorn to their direction. However, they only come in a limited amount. You have to restrain yourself from an obsessive acorn shooting and use it wisely instead. Luckily, there is an alternative way to get rid of these crazy felons. Ritchie can step on them to make them disappear; just like what Mario does to his foes. The 36 levels come in bright colors and impressive background making the Super World Adventures an eye candy. Don’t be fooled as these scenic views may lead to Ritchie’s rapid plunge in the water filled with piranhas. Each level ends with a familiar pole that Ritchie has to reach in order to move on to the next level.

Test it or stick with Mario Brothers?

As a fan of the Mario Games, I didn’t have a hard time playing the game. The controls of Super World Adventures were formulated/ copied from the Mario Brothers’ original controls. It doesn’t make me feel alienated compared to the other gaming apps that I have downloaded. Most of which took me an entire day to be totally adept with the controls.

I have to admit that the storyline of the game was made surprisingly cute. Ritchie doesn’t need to rescue a damsel in distress, just his lunch. What makes this more amusing is that a pig stole it from him. Will there be a time that we’ll get enough of pigs in app games? I don’t think so. Plus, the intent of going through all the deadly traps just to get Ritchie’s lunch back. If I were Ritchie, I’ll eat the squirrel instead. There were tons of squirrels he encountered in his adventure and they are trying to stop him anyway, might as well make use of them. I kid.

There are also logs that can transport Ritchie into another area. Does this ring a bell? Yes, that was also derived from Mario’s secret pipes where we get tons of coins inside. It’s not being sappy; it’s just that I find it weird that they have copied almost the entire thing. But I admit Super World Adventures is a really stimulating game regardless of being a rip-off.

The graphics and sounds have the same Mario Brothers tone too. The controls are adequate for the users, but I can say that they still need to improve it. Generally, I can still recommend this app despite having a Mario-ish vibe. It has this appeal and adventure that will make you hold on the edge of your seats. Well for me, that will be the deadly spikes that I can’t seem to avoid.

Download Super World Adventures from the now while it’s free.

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