Roller Coaster Madness

Adrenaline rush in theme parks can finally be experienced with your fingertips. Madcoaster features a rollercoaster that runs through a seemingly endless maze with tricky twists and turns. Upgrades will surely be helpful, but be mindful of the birds along the way.

is an app developed by CGMatic and published by Chillingo. It is a game that has a series of death-defying loops, turns, and gaps that will surely keep your senses heightened while playing. If you are into a crazy nonstop adventure, Madcoaster is certainly a game for you.

Applatter Commends:

  • Great graphics and effects
  • Free App
  • Available for iOS devices

Applater Loves:

Madcoaster is in the “endless runner” category which makes it suitable as a free app. Gamers who are fond of repetitive types of apps will surely love Madcoaster. The tracks are not for the faint of heart as they have different patterns that will serve as a challenge in the game. The controls are easy to steer; one touch of the screen will make your roller coaster jump towards the next track. Riders can also be changed into different characters like a dino, alien, and even a mummy. The obstacles are pretty distressing especially if you are playing for the first time. The gameplay is quite simple: Just collect the coins along the way, and always remember to mind the gaps. The game’s journey allows you to experience different places like the outer space, tropical forest, and even the Arctic. It is the sudden rush that makes this game so addictive.

Endless runner fans, what are you waiting for? Download this Madcoaster app to experience the rush with everyone’s favorite theme park ride.

Maeve Audrey

Stylishly enthralled endless runner from erratic monsters.

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Roller Coaster Madness
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