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There are days in our lives that are really tedious, especially weekends – no work and no school. So, what do you usually do during idle times?  I bet you want to  kill the boredom, more so, you don’t want to spend a single penny just to let the day pass by.

Yes, it’s possible! To save the day, why not play an app that gives you pure hunting thrill?

Doodle Find by KlickTock

Indie developer KlickTock have designed , a social hidden object game for both iPhone and iPad. This app actually bucks the usual trends. Rather than searching a room or other piece of scenery for well hidden items that are meshed together, this app simply puts everything up front.


Doodle Find is not a complicated game. From the start, you’re presented with a grid of 9 rows and 7 columns of hand-drawn objects totaling 63 in all.  The board is not yet completely filled with objects which helps the players to warm up and get ease into the game.  The top of the board prompts the current object cue and players then will have 1 minute and 30 seconds to find as many of the target objects as they can. The game gives you a running list of objects to find, which you must complete before the timer runs out.

Doodle Find Interface

Here’s the thrill: Besides tapping the target objects at  a given time, finding one or more objects hidden is hard to distinguish when some of them come in different colors or are rotated. Aside from that, as you clear items from the grid, the objects multiply and if you don’t hurry, they will fill your grid. The game’s clever tricks surely will heighten your adrenaline rush!

Doodle Find’s Endearing Art

Pros and Cons

This is a free app, and besides its apparent endearing art, what I like about this app is its quick response time. Also, with its Facebook Connect, it makes it easy to compare scores with your peers, but there aren’t any other online options. Other minor quibbles of this app are that it doesn’t offer a personal scoreboard to keep offline track of your high scores and it doesn’t have a soundtrack, just arcade-style sound effects.

Doodle Find Scoreboard


If you’re a casual gamer on the go, then you’ll find  to be a great app. It offers a fun, simple style and fast-paced item searching gameplay that is exceptionally addictive. The gaming experience also will challenge and train your eyes to quickly identify and tap items. Get ready to be cross eyed!

This highly recommended app is definitely your lifesaver for the day! Now, go grab your iPhone or your iPads and download the app.

 is available for download at the.

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Seek and Doodle Find
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One comment on “Seek and Doodle Find

  1. somethin' fishy
    on said:

    well this is something to help someone relax..
    the graphics are pleasing to the eyes..
    and the idea of the game is simple yet really fun for someone who wants to have fun..
    hoping for more apps like this..


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