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Soccer Puzzle League is a new breed of Match-3 game that combines the sport soccer with strategy and RPG.

Are you a soccer fanatic that usually rips through the crowd after a goal? Do you play RPGs or role-playing games? Or are you hooked in solving puzzles?

All yes? Then check out this newly released app that sets a soccer match into the next level like no other!

With this game, you don’t actually deal with checkered balls trundling down a very long field. This is not your typical sport game for it’s a mix of your favorite soccer and match-3 puzzle action.

Are you eager to know more about it? Feed your puzzle-RPG addiction with this iOS app review.

by Match3Studio is a universal battle app that is an amalgamation of stats gaming, soccer, match-three puzzles and RPG rolled into one which features:

  • 3 Divisions with a total of 18 teams to test your skills
  • 150 equipment to buy and upgrade
  • 23 achievements to unlock
  • 16 active and passive skills to learn and upgrade
  • 20+ opponent’s skills to challenge even the most experienced players
  • 9 unique opponent’s ball scoring chances
  • 6 levels of difficulty in Challenge Mode
  • Auto-save feature

How to Play (Game mechanics and all that you need to know)

You don’t have to muddle through the game as a tutorial is available in the app. It doesn’t just instruct you the mechanics of how to play the game but it explains some terms that may not be familiar with you.

Point Distribution
Attribute Points – Every time you level up, you earn 2 attribute points. Distribute those points to SHT (Shoot), TKL (Tackle), and DP (Damage Point). Got perplexed? I’ll get to the deets of these so don’t worry. Harking back, you can also gain additional attribute and skill points by availing the training session in the app.

SHT helps you score goals more easily. This is often compared to the opponent’s TKL attribute. On the other hand, TKL helps you to thwart and prevent opponent’s chance to score a  goal. I’m assuming that it’s pretty much like a defense attribute.

You gain skill points on every even level (2, 4, 6…) and you acquire also skill points by going through some special training.

Battle System
When you reduce your opponent’s DP to 0, you will score a goal and vice versa. You just simply drag and match at least 3 goal tiles. Unlike real soccer, you must perform actions by matching object and for you to knock down your opponent’s DPs,  you must match at least three goal posts. The amount of DP reduced depends on your SHT value of each goal tile (goal tile modifer) and opponent’s TKL attribute.

However, you must take note of your opponent’s chance that is represented by the number of turns before it actually damages your DP. Remember that the amount of damage equals the number at the bottom of the soccer ball.

To reduce and/or destroy your opponent’s chance, you must match and drag at least 2 tackle tiles with an opponent’s chance ball. The amount deducted will depend on the opponent’s SHT and your TKL attribute.

Your opponent’s chance ball remains but when the ball’s counter becomes zero, it will attack your DP with its remaining damage point. However, when the counter turns to zero, opponent will attack and wreak havoc your DP equivalent to the number in yellow. To heal your DP, match and drag at least 3 glove tiles. The amount  then depends on the number of glove tiles matched and its value (glove tile modifier).


It’s overwhelming right? Especially when you’re still a beginner. So here, to keep it simple, let me exemplify you how to play it. If your opponent has 20 DPs, you must match 20 goal posts in order to score a goal against them. You can match as many as you want in just one turn but you don’t have to actually match them all at once. Your opponent can gain score in similar fashion that is usually represented by a soccer ball with two numbers next to it. The top number determines the turns you have before the action will take place  while the second number represents the amount of that DPs you will lose.

In order for you to defend yourself against your opponent’s attack, deduct the number of DPs you will lose by matching the boot icons that represent TKLs (which affect the opponent’s attack). For example, if you match 5 boots plus the soccer ball, you will reduce the DPs it will take from you by that many points. Whoever has the top goals at the end of the match wins.

You may opt to heal yourself by matching the gloves and thus increase your DP. You can also match coins at the game which can later be used to buy soccer gears such as boots, shoulder pads, and gloves. The said stuff can increase your DP, SHT, and TKL skills. The app also offers coins through in-app purchases.

Perfect Match

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this 3-match game isn’t the usual one. It does follow the similar rules consistent with this type or genre but this app definitely takes the concept and strategy to a notch. Much better, I must say. Gameplay wise, it executed well their innovative idea by means of connecting images to attack, level-up, and regain health. This actually makes me think more and be clever with my decision on when and how to combine objects. Hence, it creates that full puzzle experience that’s totally different among other matching games.

In addition, the RPG experience is what I liked the most. Since I’m an RPG fan myself who wouldn’t even mind spending a dime, this app truly got me hooked. However, this one might not be for the faint-hearted since it requires you to expand your depth of thinking and strategy. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that this Strategy RPG Puzzle Game fun and engaging.

When it comes to graphics and its overall look, this app didn’t fail in integrating the game’s sports roots. The graphics are clear, has vibrant colors and very straightforward. There are also a lot of game board action happening here and yeah, the sound effects are cool enough.

In general, this app is entertaining but is a little too complicated (yup, my first impression). One must take the in-app tutorial seriously or else, they’ll find themselves irked. It’s difficult at first to win against the computer opponent but with lots of practice and loads of patience, anyone can successfully thrive in the game. However, if you’re that type of casual game player, this might not be the match-three puzzle you would want to be engaged in. But if you’re the adventurous one who wants to venture on something new, then I highly recommend this app.

Goal Kick

Regardless of my initial impression, I believe that is a compelling game that’s not just innovative but smart and definitely an unparalleled one.

With its infusion of style gaming and crazy twist on match-3 play in a single game, you can . That’s a serious value yet it’s worth it especially if you’re into such puzzles and soccer.

Watch the preview trailer here:

You may also try the  for free!

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