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Aim, pop, and drop those colorful bubbles now!

After Bubble Bust!, here’s another bubble shooting game that unsurprisingly caught my attention. If you have been reading my reviews here in Applatter or the Bubble Bust! review for that matter, you already know that I am sort of addicted or attracted to this kind of game. Aside from its not so mind-boggling gameplay, I guess the enchanting colors and graphics are some factors why I am a little gaga over them. Anyway, for today’s iOS app review I’m going to introduce to you another classic arcade game that will soon invade your iOS devices. Without further ado, let me present to you .

Bubble Island is an addicting arcade game developed by Wooga. Played by over 60 million people worldwide, this bubble shooting app will lead you into a wonderful island where you will be meeting a new pal, the lovable raccoon. This adorable animated raccoon will help you in popping and dropping a number of colorful bubbles in order to finish the levels. When you play this game, expect to witness a 60-second round of awesome, fast-paced, and nerve-racking bubble shooting action.

Thrillin’ Features

  • Fast-paced bubble shotting action – Test yourself and see how quick you can aim and shoot the right sets of colored bubbles. Drop as many bubbles as possible within the provided time which is 60 seconds.
  • A new game every week – Finish all the levels and discover new exciting challenges every week. Get some regular updates too with the newest features which you will all surely enjoy.
  • Challenge friends and compete for high scores – Your mobile game can be fully synced in to your Facebook account. How cool is that? With Bubble Island, you can now dare your buddies to defeat your high scores. Make sure to mark your name in the leaderboard and win the crown in the weekly tournament. Are you up for the challenge? Can you do it? Well, we’ll see about that!
  • Boosts – Unlock the riveting boosts that will help in enhancing your gameplay. Fireballs will help you in destroying all the bubbles along the path while the time boosts will give you additional time for a longer gameplay. You can also get 1 to 4 extra seconds of time during a certain round or a whooping 20 seconds extra time at the start of the game. Moreover, popping or dropping the special bubbles will result to additional 3000 points.
  • Facebook Synchronization – Link your mobile game to your Facebook account and battle with your friends to get the first spot in the leaderboard. Don’t forget to collect the daily bonus items too. You can also play the Adventure Mode on Facebook.
  • Speed up your skills – Tired of waiting for your turn or your next game? Then, purchase and use your coins to trade for some awesome boosts that will definitely improve your skills in no time.
  • Gift and get gifted – Got some friends in need? Then, be a Santa to your pals as you can exchange the amazing fireball boosts and lives with them. Don’t be afraid to ask for some in return if the odds turn out to be not in your favor anymore. *Wink!*

Eye-popping Design

Bubble Island has a visually appealing design. The app is packed with colorful graphics and well-designed icons, which both kids and adults will surely enjoy. The background image is very pleasing to the eyes and the app is interestingly arranged in sets of cute bubbles. Design wise, the app is undeniably captivating. *Good job!*

End Note

As I’ve said, I guess it’s no more new to you guys that I am fascinated with these bubble shooting games. Just like Bubble Bust!, I can’t help but be engrossed with its gameplay. The instruction is very easy to understand and the app itself presents a number of entertaining challenges. Yes, games like this may be quite childish for some but it’s good to act like a kid once in a while. I think. What’s more important anyway is that we are having fun and the app brings excitement to us.

Bubble Island is a challenging game and it somehow helps us in developing further our logical thinking. Of course, in order to finish the game you have to come up with a good strategy and set your bubbles right so you can aim on your targets perfectly. One wrong move could lead you to failure, so you have to focus too when playing this game. Don’t be too deceived with its easy gameplay.

Bubble Island is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. It doesn’t cost a fortune so visit the Apple App Store today and this instant. Aim, pop, and drop those bubbles now!

Sit back, relax, and take a peek on the app’s trailer:

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Welcome to Bubble Island!
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