Who Wants Some ‘Momma’s Pizza’?

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On November 23, 2012
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Satisfy your customers' cravings by serving yummy pizzas before they lose their appetite. Challenge yourself and be the best pizza store owner in town!

Pizza, anyone? Are you craving for some garlic, mushroom, and pepperoni pizzas?  Well, don’t just sit there and wait for some miracles. Dial that number this instant or better yet run to the nearest pizza store and treat yourself with this sumptuous meal. On the flip side, if you can’t afford to have one right now, then I suggest you just suit yourself with this pizza restaurant-inspired application and make your own pizzas in just a few taps. Go on, feed your eyes with this thrilling game app.

Momma’s Pizza is one of Candystand.com’s game applications. It allows you to be an instant pizza store owner and gives you the chance to lead your staff in serving your customers. To play this game, all you have to do is to serve delicious pizzas at the fastest possible time. There are target goals for each level that you will need to meet in order to advance to the next ‘day’ or level. The more orders you are able to serve to your hungry customers, the more chances of winning or profit you can get.

One Pepperoni Pizza, Please

Momma’s Pizza is developed with an exciting gameplay which you will surely adore. This addicting app is packed with 10 challenging levels and overflowing customers who love to take a bite of your yummy pizza treats. The game requires you to provide excellent speed and skill so you can satisfy all your customers’ needs. In order to finish the game with flying colors and make your business on top, you have to deliver the orders on time and create a great strategy plan. Serving the right orders at the fastest possible time is the key to getting big tips from your customers.

As the game progresses, the target quota or income for each level increases. This also means that you get the chance as well to buy new products, which you can offer to your customers, and hire new crew members to help you in managing your pizza parlor. Just make sure, though, to provide exceptional service and cater the needs of your clients within the limited time in order to gain more money so you could buy more upgrades for your pizza store.

Lavinia is Devouring Some Pizzas Now!

I played this game a couple of times already and I admit, I kinda liked it! I enjoyed the challenges and had fun serving my favorite pizzas to my dear customers. Momma’s Pizza also has an appealing design and cute characters. The game instruction is very easy to understand which makes it as a kid- and family-friendly app. On the other hand, it’s just so frustrating to note that it only has 10 levels. I just wish that the developers added more because the current version is simply too short. But overall, Momma’s Pizza is definitely a must-try app. It’s a good game for killing time and  having fun. A friendly advice, though, make sure to have some extra cash when you play this game because I bet soon you will find yourself wanting some “real” pizzas after you finish the game. *Wink!*

Go ahead, visit the Apple App Store and . It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. But if you want better images, install today. It’s available for free too.

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Who Wants Some ‘Momma’s Pizza’?
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