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On October 5, 2012
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A freeware to give you your daily dose of inspirational quotes!

Having an early start every weekday morning can get pretty ugly when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or if you’re not in the bed at all. Oh, let’s not forget our procrastination practice of slapping the alarm clock to continuously bargain for a couple more minutes of shuteye. For a night person like me who needs to wake up just as when the sun has fully risen, coffee sometimes ain’t enough to boost myself. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t take an army to make me get out of bed. Most of the time, I just need the right state of mind to function well throughout a day.

A simple hilarious message from a friend oftentimes does the trick and a couple of inspirational ones are what I need—aside from the smell of breakfast. To aid my mental boost, I tried this application called which is sort of like a fortune cookie sans the cookie itself.

Although the app market offers no scarcity of inspirational apps (Applatter has reviewed a few: click here to read ‘em), AffirME is a good contender. It’s quote spoon-feeding at its best! There’s no need to open the app and click through whatnots before you get your inspiring message for the day because AffirME will send you a quote and all you have to do is unlock your phone to read your day’s affirmation.

Developed by SFP Creatives LLC, AffirME is an app designed to give us all a positive push. Users will have quotes taken from famous people, not-so-famous ones, and even anonymous messages. It actually doesn’t matter who said it as long as it’s great and it makes sense, right? Coz we all encountered those epistaxis-inducing phrases where we can’t help but blurt out, “huh?”

From the simply inspiring messages that’s equivalent to “follow your dreams” to the witty and sarcastic ones, AffirME has it. The developers thought of the app to help people be more productive at work or just be inspired. An ounce of motivation really goes a long way.


  • Personalized Time Settings. It’s your decision on what time of day should you want to receive a message. Since I get up real early, I’d opt to have a quote sent to me by 9 in the morning.
  • Favorite List
  • Social Networking Sites integration to share the quotes with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • An archive to view all the affirmations you received.
  • Easy and simple user interface.
  • Applicable for all iDevices.

End Note

Upon downloading the app, it’s free for 21 days and then it’ll ask you to subscribe to it for $1.99 which gives you a year of quotable quotes. Supposedly, the subscription price is $3.99 but the developers lowered the price! Isn’t that great or what? For daily quotes delivered to you in the span of 12 months, the app is definitely worth your every penny.

It’s quite nice to have a good picker-upper phrase right before I leave the house so this app deserves a thumbs up. Although AffirME won’t be the cup of tea for many, it sure holds a lot of promise!

! It’s worth a try!

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A Quote A Day with AffirME
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