AbiTalk’s 5th Grade Science Reading Comprehension

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On November 22, 2012
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An app to get kids in 5th grade to learn science easily and enhance their reading comprehension.

For those who found AbiTalk’s 4th Grade Science Reading Comprehension very much helpful to their child’s grasp on the scientific aspects of our daily lives, then let’s take one step higher and take a look at the next educational application on their roster of science and reading comprehension apps, the .

Being the pre-teens that they are, 5th graders oftentimes get distracted by other things that are detrimental to their learning development especially in this era of technology. So it’s more than fortunate for parents to have app developers take note of these problem by integrating technology and education. In this sense, although there won’t be any changes to the nature of the boring subjects we’ve all loved to hate, a different kind of technique on teaching might do the trick on making students embrace science wholeheartedly.

It’s not enough for a kid to have numerous books and all sorts of educational materials because if there’s not enough motivation and interest, it’ll just be a lost cause. I remember having moments during my elementary years when looking at my piled up books were enough to make me fall asleep right there and then. And the tempting atmosphere of turning on the television set to drown myself with Discovery Channel most often than not, wins. Needless to say, learning should not just concentrate on books alone because technology can help a lot. It’s just a matter of finding the right avenues of technology to take.

With that comes AbiTalk, an exemplary app development company which mixes technology and education seamlessly. Their educational applications are not just for the proficiency of children, but for teachers and parents as well.

AbiTalk’s reading comprehension apps are perfect for parents with multiple children and teachers with a handful of students. Aside from the pre-entered twenty lessons about science that are discussed in the 5th year of primary education, users can add more topics to the list and create their own set of questions as well. In books, one lesson might eat up a chapter but in AbiTalk’s 5th Grade Science Reading Comprehension, the topics are summarized into a thousand or two thousand words which makes for a straight to the point learning experience.

Each topic includes ten questions to test the reading comprehension of the students. The questions are not hidden though because they share the same screen as that of the lesson itself.

To make things more interesting, words found on the lesson can be tapped so the readers will know the proper pronunciation of the terms. A great tool to make kids memorize faster.

The questions can be set to be a multiple choice test, true or false, or matching type. When the questions are answered, the app instantly give a thumbs up or a thumbs down depending on the student’s answer. And as all AbiTalk apps are, it remembers a child’s score—just make sure that you’re logged in to their account. All of the information stored in through the app can be accessed in a different iPad via its synchronization with Dropbox. Teachers will definitely find this feature very efficient.

is available in the AppStore for $2.99 and is compatible with the iPad preferably with an iOS 4.3 or later.

End Note

AbiTalk is yet to disappoint the Applatter team or maybe it will never will. What they have to offer are simple, educational, and very much useful. Also, the lessons are written appropriately to make the children understand them easily. The application is perfect for both school and home use.

To all parents and teachers looking for educational stuff in the app market, you should give a space on your device.

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AbiTalk’s 5th Grade Science Reading Comprehension
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