“App of the Day” Offers Free Apps Every Day!

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On November 14, 2012
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App of the Day lets you download paid apps for free. Discover the best apps right at your fingertips.

Are you addicted to applications? Hurrah! Whether you are aiming for a casual game, lifestyle, entertainment, photography, or music application, then here’s a warm hug for you! I welcome you to the club, the App-aholics Club if there’s such a thing.

Speaking of which, I bet you are also one of those people who are hopelessly wishing for some spare pennies that can be used to download paid apps. Am I right? Well, there’s no need to be ashamed of it because just like you I do feel the same thing. I’ve been reviewing apps for quite some time now and I cannot deny the fact that I’ve been seeing some great paid apps which I definitely want to try and store on my device. Unfortunately, because I’m quite living on a tight budget, I have to control myself from purchasing those apps and just pray that their developers will visit our website, Applatter, and give me with some promo codes. *Haha! Way to go, Lavinia! Go on and beg for some luck.*

Disclaimer: I am not really begging, rather I’m teasing you guys. Just hoping that my prayers will be answered soon.

Voila! Who could have thought that my request will be answered too soon. That was really fast! Thanks to my fairy godfather, if I may say, the AppTurbo team. My dilemma is now somehow solved because of their one-of-a-kind application that really caught my attention. This is indeed my lucky day! Wait, let’s change that… This is indeed our lucky day! To all app addicts who are dying to try some paid apps without spending even a single penny, let me introduce to you this magical app which we will all definitely love. Presenting App of the Day.

At present, App of the Day is cited as the world’s best app discovery platform. It has already more than 5 million users and is available in different countries around the globe. This lifestyle app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices.

What’s the Best Thing about this App?

App of the Day’s concept is truly amazing. The goal of the app is to provide its users with a paid app that will be available for free for 24 hours. Imagine that? With this app, we can now avail those full and paid apps that we have been eyeing for at no cost at all. The app features a variety of apps every day. Just don’t forget to activate or enable the notification button so as not to miss any of the daily offers.

Paid Apps For Free! Say What??? How???

Maybe you’re asking the question “How do they do that?”. Well, here’s the answer: For our convenience, the AppTurbo team selects one of the best paid apps from the iTunes AppStore every single day. After which, they negotiate with the developers and asks them to let them feature their apps in their own application at no charge. The idea is to make the paid apps available to the market for free within the allotted time, which is a whole day or 24 hours.

A Must-Read Note

Interestingly, those apps that you have already downloaded from the App of the Day application can absolutely be used as a free application. Yes, even when those apps have become paid once again or after the allotted 24 hours, the ones that you have installed already are already yours. You can still use them at any time.

Where Can I Get this App?

Aside from the , App of the Day has been made available to other foreign lands too. Check the list below and start discovering apps using your own native tongue. You might also want to check their main website here.

  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom – coming soon
  • France – coming soon

End Note

I really can’t hide my excitement after learning that this app exists. App of the Day is definitely a must-have app. The concept is exceptionally brilliant. There’s no doubt to it. Aside from offering free stuff every day, the app itself is free of charge. Now tell me, who wouldn’t love that? On the flip side, the burden of waiting for my target paid apps is quite a pain but I guess I have no right to complain nor demand. The app itself is already a blessing not only to me but to all of us, the app-aholics. Well, here’s my unsolicited suggestion though: I just hope that there’s like a help or comment button wherein we get to request some apps that should be featured in the App of the Day application—something like that. *Wink* Nonetheless, I am still a fan of this app and I will surely store it on my device for a longer run—unless there will be a number of bugs or other irritating ads of course.

Need I say more? Install today! And together let’s say, “Free apps all the way!”

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“App of the Day” Offers Free Apps Every Day!
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