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On January 30, 2013
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Need help with your math? This app might do the trick for you in learning your 7th grade mathematics with a monkey twist!

Dealing with mathematics have never been this easy with mobile applications integrating well-loved game plays with learning! And when it comes to educational apps, heaps are for toddlers while there’s only a few bundles for young adults. It may not be everyday that you get to see self-help applications meant for middle schoolers, but here’s an app to somehow fill that void: Middle School Math 7th Grade.

Teenagers have this absurd notion that they can evade math. It’s later in life that they’d realize that it’s a part of our day to day that we can never run from. But lessons that seem to have no connection at all with what we do every single waking hour is definitely a chore to comprehend. Say goodbye to old-school teaching and get to know more about this iOS application that’s designed for the learning and entertainment of 7th graders.

If your kids are having a hard time wrapping their heads around their school lessons, especially in mathematics, maybe flashcards and one on one mentoring is not the best strategy for them. It might even do some good if you let them allow them to use their smartphones as long as what they’re planning are beneficial to them and their grades.

Middle School Math 7th Grade is an iOS educational application created by Monkey In The Middle Apps that aims to instill in school-goers math lessons that’s tackled in their 7th grade. The app’s primary goal is to make its users enjoy the learning process by integrating play and examination. It’s positive reinforcement at its best!

There are three topics included in Middle School Math 7th Grade namely: Negative Numbers, Absolute Value, and Order of Operations. Players will have to tap “play” found on the home screen to choose between the available lessons. There is a short explanation regarding the lesson, alongside the fun part which is the monkey game.

Collect Bananas!

Help the monkey climb down the stairs by tilting your phones to the left or right. As your buddy tumbles downward, individual questions will appear. Answer them correctly and you’ll be rewarded with a banana!

If you fail to give the correct answer, the whole level will restart and you’d have to say bye-bye to your hard-earned bananas. Tip: Think carefully and take your time. Just like in a real exam, it’s better to answer after you’ve thought hard about the question.

And if you gather enough bananas, you can go to the “prizes” tab and claim whatever it is that you can with the credits that you have.

After finishing the levels, there is an option where the app allows its user to send their scores to their teacher’s email or anyone’s email, for that matter. This is a great feat for teachers to make their classes more interesting. And kids would surely love that their homework involves playing their devices. Cool, right?

End Note

Middle School Math 7th Grade is definitely an app worth the download! It may prove to be beneficial for parents, teachers, and students because it brings about efficiency and fun to a class. Right now, I’m really wishing that I can relive my elementary and high school days but I’d bring the recent technology with me. I bet math won’t be such a horror for me back then.

There are two versions of the app, the free version and the pro version ($0.99) which has 10 topics in it. Download it now for yourself or for your child and see how effective it really is!

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App Review: Middle School Math 7th Grade for iOS!
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