App Review: My InstaStory

Review of: My InstaStory
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Insta Story Inc.

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On September 21, 2012
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Turn your Instagram photos into a story with My InstaStory!

People turn to Instagram instantly when they have captured something that is worth-sharing to friends and other people around the globe. Sometimes, even the tinniest things like a strand of a shiny grey hair, or dirt in a shoe is Instagram-ed because those pictures, for some people, hold a special story behind their being flimsy. And with the addition of age-old, sepia’s worth of filters, the results become cooler, and even more memorable. The only bad thing is when your point is not successfully taken, and you’re flooded with comments saying “This is non-sense”, or worst, “What is this?”

Now, telling stories using your Instagram photos is easier because of this new app called My InstaStory. My InstaStory is a free iOS app from Insta Story Inc. which allows Instagram users to create a slideshow of their Instagram photos and turn it into a short video complete with music and dramatic transitions. With My InstaStory, it is simpler to tell the world the stories behind your cryptic Instagram photos. Whether you want to create a slideshow of your Instagram-ed wedding photos, a scrapbook of how your year banged, or a cluster of concert photos that you can’t get over with, you can do so with My InstaStory. Also, it is more enjoyable to view the slideshows because of the apt background music scoring your epic InstaStory.

Tell Your InsaStory!

  1. Sign in with your Instagram Account.
  2. When you log in to My InstaStory, all your Instagram photos can be accessed in My InstaStory.
  3. To have a better idea on what the app is about, tap the Explore feature of and learn cool InstaStory ideas and inspirations.
  4. Tap Create to get started, and then choose from your Instagram photos. You can choose as many pictures as you can, provided that the pictures hold the story that you want to tell, or agrees to a certain theme that you have in mind.
  5. You can drag your photos depending on your desired location and order.
  6. When you’re done arranging the group of photos that tell your story or a certain story, you can select a Transition effect. You can only select one among the four Transition effects for the whole story namely: Zoom, Push, Dissolve, and Basic.
  7. Probably the best part of My InstaStory is choosing the music that you want scoring your slideshow. You can choose from over 130 songs from classical, reggae, soundtracks from famous movies like E.T, and a lot more. You can play the music when choosing so you’ll have a better idea if the song fits your story.
  8. You can put captions in each photo for better InstaStory telling.
  9. Also, you can change the title of your story as you please. You just have to be more creative than entitling your story “My Story.” Please. A story tells a story, so be imaginative.
  10. When you’re done creating your story, you can publish your creation and share it via Mail, Facebook or Twitter.

Jango likes My InstaStory.

My InstaStory has one of the best app designs and ideas out there. The interface is simple and easy to understand. Pretty much like Instagram. The music choices are downright terrific. I was actually too surprised to see my favourite indie artists and bands there like Bon Iver and Broken Bells, because their songs would very much fit my stories.

One of the few problems that I found in this app was the limited selection of Transition effects. This app can still use some more effects, and that is the reason why I said this app is not quite there yet. It also annoys me that you can only choose one Transition for the whole story. C’mon, it will be all the more fun if the effects change as the photo does.

I would have loved this app. I like to love it. There is so much potential in this cool app idea, but it’s not quite there yet. Hopefully in the next update, it will get there. For now, I think it’s swell.

Download My InstaStory for FREE on .

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App Review: My InstaStory
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