Cancer Coach: An App for Your Treasure Chest

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Genomic Health's Cancer Coach is a free tool for managing cancer treatments.

This October, Applatter celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness online. We’re donning pink ribbons and dedicating a few posts for those whose lives have been changed by the disease.

Today we’re going to introduce a free mobile app specifically designed for cancer patients. It’s good to remember that breast cancer is not an affliction, and it’s certainly something that should not take over our lives. With today’s technology, a number of applications are available to help individuals with cancer (ever heard of the SickKids Pain Squad iPhone app?)
Cancer Coach is a free medical app for those suffering from breast cancer or colorectal cancer. The app is designed to assist patients go through their cancer treatments without a problem.

An app the helps you carry your burden? Find out more about this free app after the jump.

In partnership with and Fight Colorectal Cancer, Cancer Coach was developed to address the need for a mobile version of an information source centered around that disease which ails a good number of people around the world. The app also provides personalized cancer treatment options and a simple, easy-to-use interface that lets you manage your cancer treatments better.

The Cancer Coach seems to aim to become a patient’s one-stop source for relevant information and personal guidance.


Cancer Coach introduces you to a kindred soul, Lillie Shockney, who can guide you along the way to treatment and recovery. You will start by answering a narrated questionnaire that will determine what sort of information you will need through your journey.


Once done with the included questionnaire, you are then given detailed information about your cancer. The information will prove useful in chronicling your entire battle.


Tapping the Questions button reveals all the possible questions you can ask your doctor regarding your treatment. You can also input your own questions as well as the answers given to you by your oncologist. Apart from the note-taking feature, the app also offers audio-recording capability to make things more convenient for the patient.

Breast and colon cancer patients can use the personalized treatment information and Q&A together with the glossary of medical terms to better understand what they are going through. The hefty information in the app is perfect for those undergoing treatments and who do not have the time to go online.

You, your loved one or someone you know may find Cancer Coach a godsend. Applatter recommends this app for breast cancer patients. After all, there’s no age requirement when it comes to mobile applications and the dreaded big C. Cancer Coach is available on and .

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Cancer Coach: An App for Your Treasure Chest
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