Practice How To “Eat, Chew, Rest”

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Lose weight and gain some manners by learning how to "eat, chew, rest" with your every meal.

Technological advancements seemingly caused the faster spin of our daily lives. Time flies by so quickly when you’re having fun, they say. But I think time also slips from our grip when we’re not even entirely sure of what we’re doing. Alongside the modernity of gadgets and the digital innovation comes our fragmented view of reality. Work has taken over our minds and our own self-preservation have stooped down the importance ladder. So far, the worst thing I’ve done is to pass on two meals because I was submerged in the deep and thick waters of the internet. And when I eat, I eat vigorously like there’s no tomorrow—which I found was bad for the health. I know some of you, my dear readers, had similar experiences to mine or maybe you’ve done more outrageous things than me.

We’ve all had our share of don’t-bother-me-I’m-chatting-on-Facebook moments that we oftentimes overlook the mundane things that we enjoyed back when we’re oblivious to the world of technology. Eating, for one. It has slowly become bothersome when we’re doing something so we end up eating faster just to have it done with. But experts say that eating on a fast manner can cause not just indigestion but weight gain as well. Don’t want any of that? Then it’s time for you to learn how to eat gracefully with the application called “Eat, Chew, Rest“.

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We don’t always have the luxury of time so we resort to eating while we’re walking, driving, or doing something else. This results in our continuous spoon fulls or bites which gives chewing no space at all. But if you’re not a workaholic with no time to spare because you’re merely a fast-eater, then hold your horses there, mate! You’re not in an eating contest so it’s probably best for you slow down a little bit and savor each of your serving.

The application “Eat, Chew, Rest” developed by Clover Valley Apps is designed to make people be aware on their eating pace and health. Since I’ve mentioned earlier that munching way too fast can make you gain that hideous extra pound, this application can help you lessen the risk of obtaining that by teaching you the best timing between each spoon full. Enrolling in a fitness system can be too much of a bother for some so why not test your luck with “Eat, Chew, Rest” and maybe lose those fats faster than those weight-lifting others.

What Should You Expect From The App

Upon launching the application, you’ll be seeing circles within a circle. Each has its own distinct color and is designated with three actions namely: eat, chew and rest. It doesn’t provide any sort of difficulty so users can get started in a flash. Start the application when you’re about to eat and follow through with the instructions.

Place in a spoon full in your mouth or bite when the green circle is in motion then wait for the yellow circle to move because that’s your cue to start chewing and savoring your food. After that, put your utensils down when the red (I think that it’s orange but the app says that it’s red) circle is in motion. During this time, you can chat with your companion or if you’re alone, look at your surroundings and ponder on what you’ve been missing.

But if you’re not into the emo-mind-wandering thing, then play the built-in game. You just have to shoot the fruits inside the basket and gain points every time you do so. Although I don’t exactly know the purpose of having points because you’re letting time pass by, not trying to score the highest.

However, if you feel like the pacing is too slow for you, you can amp it up a bit by tweaking the app’s settings. Although you can only alter is as much as its programmed to go. Besides, if users can adjust it to the pace that they want, the app’s purpose will become moot.

Harrie Says

On the good note, this app is made in good nature and requires its users extreme focus and self-control. Eating will only take a few minutes so you might as well give yourself some time to detach from the ephemeral things in life.

But seriously, do we need an application to make us realize all these? I hope not. Nonetheless, this application is a good stepping stone for people to take initiative regarding their health and stop whining about their weight. Aside from that, one can learn some table manners with this, too! Double hit!

Does “Eat, Chew, Rest” deserve a spot on your phones? I personally don’t think so. Although this might be a good eye-opener.

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Practice How To “Eat, Chew, Rest”
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