iExplorer HD: A Multi-Purpose File Management Tool

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Zhigang Chen

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On December 26, 2012
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Manage files on your remote servers and complete tasks while on the go with iExplorer.

Now that 2012 is drawing a close, it’s safe to assume that a new year means better business.

One of the good things about the current technology available at our fingertips will always be mobility. Nowadays we only have to take our mobile device (read: iPad) with us to access work-related files in a jiffy.

When it comes to managing files, Zhigang Chen’s iExplorer HD takes things to another level as it lets you access plenty of your files and lets you complete tasks anywhere you go.

iExplorer HD allows you to connect to remote servers such as Dropbox, Google Docs, WebDAV, and even SkyDrive. The productivity app is packed with features for your business as it is essentially a key to all the files you’ve got tucked somewhere. Reading files (including eBooks!) can take bit of time, though, since you will need to fully understand how the entire business application works and what it can do for you.

And once you’ve successfully synced your files, you can always view files offline if the server is not reachable.

Multiple File Viewer 

iExplorer HD has plenty of file readers so you can check out PDFs and even CHM files! Since you can also connect seamlessly with your Google Drive, you’ll be able to edit your spreadsheets and documents.

Are yo a comic book fan who has hundreds of comics stashed in Dropbox? Why don’t you use iExplorer HD as your comic reader?

Surely a comic book fan is also a Computer Science student (or something related). iExplorer HD also works as a code viewer, with syntax highlighted for C, C++, Objective C, C#, Java, Php, and CSS!

Instant Media Access

Multimedia addicts can even take advantage of iExplorer HD’s capabilities. The app not only supports large images, but it can also smoothly zoom and scroll photos.
Audio and video streaming from Cloud servers is also easy using iExplorer HD, since the versatile application supports multitasking. If you are a hardcore Asian movie fan, you can also watch files with subtitles!

Versatile Work Assistant

I’ve already mentioned that iExplorer HD is an eBook reader, media player, and even a photo viewer. You don’t have to consume your device’s storage space anymore since the app already syncs and reads files for you. As a work assistant, though, the app can adjust priorities for transferring file tasks, allow you to print documents or eBooks, allow for WiFi storage via an HTTP/WebDAV server, or add files and folders to one nifty favorites list.

Need security? The app can be passcode protected, ladies and gents!

Just take a look below for the gallery.

Worth the Money

Yes, those should be the final words. iExplorer HD is worth the $4.99 you’ll be shelling out for this multi-purpose wunderkind for your iPad.

Check out the other features or download the app right away . (Although if you have an iOS device other than the iPad, you can always download the iPhone/iPod touch version.)

Elijah Monroe

For more than three years, Elijah Monroe has worked as a researcher and writer for various technology blogs. He freelances now for various local websites.

iExplorer HD: A Multi-Purpose File Management Tool
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