Improve your sleep with Effective sleep – Alarm Clock

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Pavel Matviienko

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On February 27, 2013
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Enjoy a great nap or eight-hour long sleep with Pavel's Alarm Clock app.

As someone who suffers all too frequently from poor sleeping habits, learning how to sleep effectively is a must for me. This is why, when I finally got to try Pavel Matviienko’s Effective sleep – Alarm Clock, I was more than thrilled to use it.

It is little known fact that sleeping too long or at the wrong time can cause our bodies to feel tired and worn out. The amount of time sleeping in bed does not guarantee us feeling well-rested once we wake up. In the end, maximizing sleeping patterns is far more important than spending ten hours in bed.

A sleep cycle consists of five stages and different brain activities, and waking up at the right stage gives us a refreshed feeling. It is therefore important to wake up at the end of a cycle rather than in the middle stages.

High Time to Start Your Day Right

With Effective sleep – Alarm Clock, you can finally wake up more often feeling alive and ready for a great morning. Even by just sleeping a few hours a day, you will no longer feel tired and exhausted. The productivity app takes the average sleep cycle duration to help you have a good night’s sleep each time and every time.

Since our sleep consists of cycles, waking up at an unfortunate moment will influence the rest of your day. Stop feeling cranky in the morning; stop stressing out as you force yourself out of your bed. For only $0.99, you can feel good no matter what.

After running the application, a quick message pops up informing you where the settings are.

Just hit OK.

Then a pleasant-looking UI greets you and lets you set the time of the alarm. The app even suggests the most suitable times to fall asleep. Hitting the “count” button leads to a page that suggests six different times.

Comprehensive and easy to understand instructions.

If you do set the time yourself, however, a different screen shows up to confirm the time of the alarm.

What We Love

This app is just perfect for students and professionals who need a quick break from studying or working late at night. Just set the time, check for suggested times and voila! You can literally rest easy knowing that you will be feeling refreshed even after a 90-minute nap.

What We Don’t Like

As much as I’d love to give Effective sleep  5 gold stars for its usefulness, the app needs to include an alarm volume in the Settings screen.

At the time of this writing, the Settings feature only offers seven alarm melodies (Classic, Fly, Tribe, JazzLyre, Piano, Nature and Delightful). As someone who prefers to be waken up by a huge thundering sound, I’d like to be allowed to increase alarm volume at any time. Yes, I can modify the volume of my iOS device, but it will still help if I can crank things up a few notches higher, right? Besides, I’m already a bit deaf in my left ear.

Hopefully the next update will feature volume control.

For now, I’m sure we can still make do with the current features. Finally sleep well and wake up feeling great by downloading the here.

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Improve your sleep with Effective sleep – Alarm Clock
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