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Be in-the-know with Japan's Jazz Band, JABBERLOOP!

Having its origin in the lower part of the United States, jazz music had definitely come a long long distance away from home. With every country embracing it while throwing in a few cultural tweaks along the way, it can be adhered that jazz is relative and flexible to where it is. As renowned musician and jazz critic, Joachim Berendt puts it, there is no precise definition for this type of music so he described it instead as a “form of art music which originated in the United States through the confrontation of blacks with European music” and its “spontaneity and vitality of musical production in which improvisation plays a role.”

During the early 20th century, its popularity rose to epic proportions that it became a staple music within households and radio stations. Among the countries that saw jazz’s sunrise is Japan. With the frequent performances of American and Filipino jazz bands in the entertainment districts of Japan which is Osaka and Tokyo, the locals were inspired to create jazz music which they can call their own. As the years passed by and the country was able to produce numerous famed individuals with “all the right jazz” in their body, one contemporary band who captured a worldwide audience had stood out from the rest. Ladies and gentlemen, keep those dancing shoes tied as I introduce you to a quintet that is, JABBERLOOP!

This quirky, fun, and talented Japanese band now has an iOS application. For more information, read through this iOS app review of their exclusive freeware for iPhone and iTouch users.

The quintet’s visuals and jazz blending is a far cry from that of the initial bands. Appealing to a greater audience by experimenting with their look, colors, and accessories (J-Pop at its best, if I may say), the five are sure to get your groove on as you watch them take over the stage and play their rockin’ and groovy mixes. Before we look around the band’s application, let’s get to know the members first!

JABBERLOOP: The Talented and High-Leveled Musicians

First up is Daisuke, who’s in charge of the romantic sound of the saxophone. Although you won’t be hearing any Kenny G. renditions, Daisuke will surely get you up on your seat to dance with the colorful blend of his saxophone to the band’s over-all intrinsic sound.

Next in line, we have Melten, the fast-fingered keyboardist of the group. The whimsical notes he creates is a sure-hit with each of their songs. As guitar riffs are important to a rock band, the flexible and tempo-changing keyboard is as vital to JABBERLOOP. Ready yourself as Melten can melt hearts!

Never underestimate the power of the low and rhythmic sound of the bass as Yuki releases his inner beast on stage with his weapon in hand: his heavy bass guitar. Think those low notes can’t be heard? Think again and listen very carefully for the full-on heavy bass-plucking of Yuki!

Soulful and the ultimate jazz-touch, Makoto‘s trumpeting skills are to die for! His contemporary touch to every piece is something to commend. You won’t be looking at the trumpet as just a piece of the marching band because Makoto works it like it’s his extended body part.

Last but definitely not the least, we have the heavy beat maker in the form of drummer Yohei. With the fast beat of his every drum hit, you’d think that Yohei can break his drumsticks. Bob your head and tap your feet as he completes JABBERLOOP’s unique melodies.

They are all over their thirties but their charm and stage presence are as fresh as yesterday. Who says jazz are for old people? These five uncanny, unique, and skilled gentleman have captured not just the attention of those who’ve seen the peak of jazz, but also the young ones who have yet to open their eyes to the vast world of music genres. Now that we’ve had a run-through of the band’s members, lemme shift the flow as I tell you all about their iOS application!

JABBERLOOP: The Mobile Application

How famous should one be to have their own mobile application? To tell you the truth, if it wasn’t for the application, I wouldn’t be informed that such a jazz band exists! Nonetheless, I’m thankful for it because I now have a new playlist to gush about and dance along everyday.

First and foremost, the app is basically a fan’s one-stop-shop to know the latest deets about the band. The member’s Twitter accounts can be easily viewed so as to get a glimpse on the day-to-day musings of the five plus the official Twitter account of JABBERLOOP is there as well. Reply to them, if you may.

Browse through the pictures of their past and recent live performances on the app’s gallery. Watch their videos if you want to see them blowing the house down. It includes their official music videos alongside their live performances so if you’re not living in Japan (as do I), you won’t be missing much of anything.

And as app’s of these kind are always generous, you can enjoy not just their released music but their unreleased ones too! Can you spell downright, f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c?! I mean, I’ve only heard half of their music but I am more than sure that I want more of it! There’s no need to check on the internet for some updates–which can be false at times–because through the JABBERLOOP app, fans can never go wrong.

Additional Facts About The Band

Having their name inspired by Star Wars, the band has been playing together for 8 years already. Starting their music venture during 2004, they have released a couple of albums including one full-length entitled “Revenge of the Space Monster” in 2009 which entered the North American scene. Just like any other bands, they did not get “easy fame”. Playing on the street and sometimes scoring a live performance in music bars keeps them motivated to continuously share their talent to the people of Japan. Since good things do come to those who wait, a UK label took notice of them through a promotional CD they gave away, and the rest can be considered as history.  The different musical tastes of the five during their initial years together proved to be a nice blend since they have mashed their interests and created a different type of jazz.

According to the band, “jazz has infinite possibility” and they’ll be playing their tunes for more years to come!

Harrie The Soon-To-Be Jazz Junkie

I’ve got nothing against mainstream music but it doesn’t have a hold on me as well. The underground music scene has so much potential but the moment they go up and flow with the mainstream current, their oomph and angst gets commercially tamed. So much so, it’s such a treasure to find incredibly talented bands among the sea of auto-tuned teenage girl voices on television.

All thanks to the , my head feels like it’s going to explode from the beat madness and I want more! All in all, the application is a great gift for all the “JABBERLOOP-ers” out there (is it fine to call them that?)

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