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Squeeze the day with Jamba Juice app!

California’s famed lifestyle brand Jamba Juice is known for their delicious and healthy juices and smoothies ideal for people who have active lifestyles. With a network of 744 stores worldwide, the popular smoothie chain continues to serve fresh drinks brimming with vitamins and nutrients. So, if you want to quench your thirst– the healthy way– then it’s time to dig into the totally healthy Jamba Juice.

Health buffs now won’t have any trouble locating the nearest Jamba Juice chain. Get instantly Jamabafied with the app.

by Radiant Systems, Inc. is an app that provides you information about your favorite smoothie chain such as their menu of healthy blended beverages and snacks, their location and other updates regarding their store.


- browse menu

- find a store

- see what’s new

The app simply delivers those necessary info above. As you browse through their menu, you can view their list of fresh-squeezed juice, steel-cut oatmeal made up of organic oats or fruit, yogurt parfait made up of organic granola and fresh fruits, healthy snacks such as California flatbread and wraps, all fruit smoothies, power smoothies that are pre-boosted, favourite drinks and best seller classic smoothies such as strawberry wild and banana berry, and pastries like pretzels. However, if you want to satiate your thirsty sweet tooth, you may also try their Chocolate Moo’d made up of chocolate and fro-yo.

As they are “committed to you and your good health“, they don’t put any artificial flavor and no high-fructose corn syrup to your drink. You may opt to make your fruity, frosty drink work harder by boosting it up by putting on extra vitamins or a blast of caffeine-free energy. It’s a Science, as they call it. Other boosts include the radical protector Antioxidant Power™ Boost that neutralizes free radicals and is rich in vitamins A, C and E; the A B-vitamin caffeine-free Energy™ Boost that helps you fight fatigue; and the Immunity™ Boost that has Vitamin C and makes your immune system stronger.


The app provides easy access to their menu and other related data about Jamba Juice, however,  it’s no longer updated. Devs should upgrade the app perhaps. Overall, app may not be that convenient to use, since it lacks some appealing  features and updates; it’s better off to head out to their store and sup something truly healthy.

The app is available on the for free.

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