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Make your tiny, little dreams come true with the amazing Kolletta!

One of the noblest acts today aside from volunteering in a rescue or relief operations for those who’ve been affected by any calamities is to raise funds. Be it by means of a benefit concert or an auction to sell pre-loved apparels to collect donations, there is always that kind heart in us to fulfill the dreams of others and help them in the best way we can, not just to uplift and save them from the devastation they’ve experienced but just because it’s innate in all of us to be generous enough to lend a hand. I, myself used to volunteer at some relief operations. During those days, I witnessed with my very own eyes the aftermath of the typhoon that hit my community. I even saw some kids asking for alms in the street and believe me, it was heartbreaking to see such a scenario. And the way to ease their feeling of hopelessness is to help them even in our simplest acts of deed. Trust me, the feeling of helping others was unparalleled to just sitting comfortably while others are, well, are out there in the dark.

Now, enough of those sappy, moving moments, I know most of us want to be a good Samaritan to the people around us. As much as we motivate other people in achieving their endeavors and all the more, their dreams, we tend to give them more by fulfilling their wishes. Be it just a simple wishfulthinking or a long term goal, we do everything to grant them their desires. Consequently, the result is that different kind of feeling– gratification at its finest. You don’t get that from getting thousands of tokens from your favorite family amusement and leisure center. Agree?

Fret no more and be at ease, we can make each one’s dreams finally come true through an app. Yes, with just your iOS devices, you can make a change– a difference that will surely benefit each and one of us.

Read more of  this iOS app review after the cut.

is an app compatible with iOS devices that allows you to make your dreams into a reality in many ways possible. For one, you can share a photo of your desired items to your friends and have them chip in your “koletta” (your wants) to earn the certain amount of money you need to attain or get your wants. Another thing is that through this app, you can set your own fundraising event. Curious? Find out more about this later in this app review. In the meantime, check out its features:

  • Gift collections-  You can set and organize your own collection or birthday gifts for your friends, without any stress!
  • Amazing design- With improved user experience in every detail, this user-friendly app will surely make it convenient for you to achieve your wants.
  • Always with you- Keep an eye on your Kolletta and have your friends help you complete them.
  • Easy and Fun- This is Facebook account integrated, so no need for configuration. It’s ready to use so in just an instant, you can connect with all of your friends.
  • Immediate and direct Facebook sharing of Kollettas, offers and raised sums
  • Integrated PayPal access via iPhone
  • Interaction with friends contributing to their Kollettas

How This App Works

Since this app has integrated Facebook login, there’s no registration needed. However, you must be connected to the internet for you to have a full access to the app. Once you have opened it, you can see 4 option buttons namely Kollettas, Friends, My Kolletta, Me and Profile.


This is a run down of the Kollettas of you and your friends.


The list of your friends in Kolletta are here. For easier access to them you can go  and browse through this and contact them instantly.

My Kolletta

This section allows you to upload a photo or snapshot of your wants and desires– mostly material stuff but you can as well, you know, put on an event or something. In this you are free to give it a title, and allot the necessary budget you need. This also contains an option if that particular “Kolletta” is for your personal use or merely a gift to your peers. This also provides you to set the date you must fulfill or attain your goal. Another thing is that it also asks you if you’re going to share it on Social, meaning on your friends on Facebook.


This feature basically shows the status of your “given”and “raised” Kolletas, or wants for that matter. This also contains your last collected “Kolletas”.


This contains the User Info and as well as your PayPal account email address. This section also allows you to invite your friends in Facebook to Kolletta.

If you’ve read what those sections or buttons are meant for in the app, then you’ll probably already have an idea of how this app actually works. You may use it for your personal desires by simply thinking of an object that you’d like to have but you just can’t afford at the moment. Upload a photo of it,  put a short description, the cost, and invite your friends to chip in to your ‘Kolletta’. It’s just as basic and simple as that. You can get the item that you desire once your friends helped in via donating to your PayPal account. However, what’s great about this app is that you can do more with it. You can also use it to, let’s say, organize a fundraising event. Now, that’s another awesome option isn’t it? Organizing such an event can be tedious and not to mention, stressful. So instead of you know, the usual way of executing a fundraising event, you just have to do it right on your mobile phones. Take a picture of the gift you want to give to your friends and/or family then share it via the social networking site, Facebook. Invite your friends and let them know your noble intention. Collect money from them and have it donated or deposited straight to your PayPal account.  Now, you didn’t have to feel jaded in organizing such an event as this app made it possible!

Pros and Cons

Since this is integrated with Facebook, it’s easier to register to the app and makes it convenient since it automatically links your Facebook friends on the app. It’s just up to you if you’re going to invite them as your friend, this time in Kolletta. However, for some it might not be a good idea to use their account to get access to it. The downside of it lies with those families who share a device. Other than that, you must be online to use it and be able to connect to the server. The latter’s quite frustrating. Other than that, I found a few grammatical errors in the app. Not to mention, you cannot adjust nor edit and crop the photo you’ve uploaded as a Kolletta. There are times also that it crashes in the My Kollettas section.

On a positive light, All in all, I believe this app has a lot of potential. I mean, it’s quite useful in many ways. The devs just have to improve it more– including its design. The very purpose of this app is already something to commend about. So yeah, this app still needs a major improvement, however, it’s still the type of app that you don’t usually see in the market. We have those reminders of our wants, dreams, desires and whatnot, but nothing there actually makes you “work” for it. Know what I mean?

Dreams Granted

is, without a doubt, a fairy right at your devices. It’s the answer to your wishes and it’s now up to you to make your dreams HAPPEN. Download this app on the for $0.99!

You may keep an eye on their site for all the news and updates about the app: http://www.kolletta.com.

Feel free to view this video below to see how it works:

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