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Get fit and healthy with workout apps by DoMobile!

Do you roll your eyes whenever you see yourself in the mirror? I mean, you don’t like what you see? Well, you don’t have to be.

We often neglect it but we’re all aware that regular exercise can help you lose weight, get in shape, and ward off some diseases. Other studies also proved that being active in regular exercise can help boost self-confidence, minimize stress and improve one’s productivity.

Now, worry no more, getting the necessary workouts you need are made easy. All you have to do is summon the personal trainer to your mobile phone.

Developer DoMobile designed a variety of fitness apps for women that can help you get the hourglass body you’ve been yearning for.

Key Features

  • Play a video that demonstrates how to do each workout
  • Make plan of your your daily workout
  • Shows your daily exercise record through History
  • Share your daily workout record to Twitter

Ladies’ Home Workout

Wouldn’t it be great if you’re able to go the gym as often as you could? Sadly, it isn’t an option for most of us. But since exercise is essential in everyone’s life, you need to find a way to have it even right from the comfort of your own home!

Ladies’ Home Workout () is just the answer. This app brings you effective full body home workouts that you could use even without the use of any equipment at all. Now you have no more excuses!

And oh, just a quick tip, to make these exercises even more fun, turn on your iPod or radio and blast music while you’re doing them.

Download this app and start taking your fitness seriously.

 Ladies’ Shoulder Workout

A lot of people may not be aware but shoulders are one of the most noticed body parts. When fully clothed or not, hard-toned shoulders always make a woman’s arm look sleek and sexy. No man alive wants their woman having squishy or flabby shoulders. Well maybe some, but not all.

Well defined shoulders not only provide a woman with a sexier appearance and better posture, but more importantly they give you necessary strength to perform simple everyday tasks.

With proper exercises, you won’t have to sport those shoulder pads of the 80’s. Download Ladies’ Shoulder Workout ().

Ladies’ Waist Workout

Based on studies, waist to hip ratio (the evident curves that create an hourglass shape), are a better gauge of attraction for women. In addition, there’s no doubt that women obsess more over their midsections than any parts of their body. However, a lot of women naturally hold onto body fat– and bloat — in this area. Hence, doing the right exercises that target your waist will surely help trim your midriff and whip it into shape. A side plank exercise, let’s say, can help you get a slim waist.

Now, go melt your middle and flaunt your va-va-voom Kim Kardashian curves with Ladies’ Waist Workout ().

Ladies’ Ab Workout

Every woman wants a tummy that’s firm and toned though it’s often a challenge. However, you have to remember that, while ab exercises won’t totally get rid of fat from your belly, a strong core is much important to keep your body healthy.

To develop tight and flat abs that you’ve been longing for, Ladies’ Ab Workout () laid out easy-to-follow exercises to fend off those elusive buggers out hiding.

Have a flat belly with this app and you’ll soon be the belle of the beach.

Ladies’ Back Workout

More often than not, we often underestimate the beauty of our back. I mean, we consider it as our most underrated asset when it comes to sex appeal. The reason for this is because we don’t normally wear those revealing dresses—the backless ones, naturally.

However, little did we know, a nicely tuned back is the key to a perfect posture. It makes you look healthy, confident and sexy. Not to mention, it helps you in reducing your risk for any back-related injuries. Hence, our back should receive as much attention as the other parts of our body.

So, in your quest for the perfect physique, avail the Ladies’ Back Workout () to achieve those to-be-envied-v-taper appearance.

Ladies’ Butt Workout

Are you happy with your butt? I bet most of you aren’t.

Glutes, derriere — ahem, your butt— whatever name we use, is the largest muscle in our body and we don’t know that our booty can actually be toned and shaped.

Truly our butts’ favorite pastime is sit-on-it-for-hours but not until now. Ladies’ Butt Workout () is here to change all that.

To get a gorgeous bum, this app will teach you some exercises you can do anywhere, even just at your home.

Redefine your behind and get jaw-dropping results!

Ladies’ Chest Workout

Many women complain that they don’t have enough upper body strength to carry heavy stuff. Moreover, most women are afraid that doing chest exercise will make their shoulders too broad. But the truth is targeting your pectoral actually helps in tightening and lifting up your breasts and shapes up your shoulder muscles as well.

What’s more, working on your chest burns lots of calories. Not convinced yet? Think of it this way: skip your chest, and you’ll be missing out on that extra burn.

Build impressive pecs and make them pop with Ladies’ Chest Workout ().

Ladies’ Leg Workout

No need to pay a Haitian witch doctor lots of coconuts just to have legs that look as fab as Blake Lively or Angelina Jolie.

To get stellar legs that look firm and toned, while not resulting to being big and bulky, then Ladies’ Leg Workout () can provide.

Whether you’re looking for long and lean or athletic and toned legs, this app offers wonderful exercises that could build up strength and muscles in your legs.

Ladies’ Office Workout

Sitting in front of the computer all day can really be tedious, but what’s really bothering is your health that is at stake. Most of the time also– admit it– you tend to feel easily exhausted and can hardly focus. Those are some indications that you lack exercise.

Ergo, if you have trouble staying fit at work, Ladies’ Office Workouts () could deliver you office exercises that can keep your blood moving even without getting away from your desk.

Those of us with desk jobs and crazy-long workdays mind staying toned (particularly in the backside area) just as much as those busy worker bees who aren’t squinting into a computer all day.

Give new meaning to the term multitasking and be more efficient at work!

End Note

Getting some exercise is important and with these apps provided by DoMobile, you don’t have to go to the gym and shell out the big bucks in membership fees each month. All the workouts you need are compiled in this app and what I particularly like about it is that you can access all the videos even though you’re not connected to the internet.

However, keep in mind that exercise is neither a quick fix nor a miracle cure. You don’t get that fit body with just a snap of your fingers, you must be commited to it and clubbed it with a healthy diet.

Get the bombshell bod of your dreams with these workout apps. And mind you, these apps are also.

Want to get sleek and sexy arms? Read on the app review of Ladies’ Arm Workout.

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