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Super Snack Time is a gut-busting game and perfect for those who are looking for a tasty adventure.

It’s been a while since the last time I played a propeller game. Who could ever forget the game Angry Birds, the propeller game that created a huge hit in the gaming community. I’m sure you’ve heard of that game. If you haven’t, where have you been in the last few years? Playing Angry Birds became a huge hit worldwide. If you haven’t tried it, at least you heard something about it. Despite its banausic appeal, Angry Birds still has this lure that is keeping us enamored. Plus, they always have something new to offer like Angry Birds Rio and Star Wars, reviewed by Jango Pearce.

Massive amount of propeller games start to dominate different gaming platforms. One of them is my favorite, Catapult King. Just like the quiz games, and icon guessing games. The app community cannot have too much propeller games. Do you still have space in your device? There is a new game that will surely put you on the edge of your seats. If you still have that extra space, then you should start downloading Super Snack Time.

is a gut-busting game and perfect for those who are looking for a tasty adventure. With the adorable characters, I bet most of you will find this ineluctable. I admit I felt a bizaare adoration upon seeing them in the screenshots. Now, let us begin our adventure with the tastiest characters in the face of gaming community.

The Hoggians and the Gobblens
It started on a horrid day when the Gobblens decided to take over the Hoggians. Knowing that they have no way to defend their selves, the Hoggians decided to ensconce. The war surged and the Hoggians discovered that the Gobblens have a piquant nature. Hence, the Order of the Snack was born.

The deftness and weapons of the Hoggians were augmented, and wolfing became allegorical. As soon as the Hoggians were ready to test their newly developed weapon, the Gobblens suddenly vacated. After centuries, the Gobblens return to attack the Hoggians. To their surprise, the Hoggians already knew that their catapult is the best way to defeat them.

Snack Wars
Upon learning that a catapult is the best machine to destroy devour the enemies, the Hoggians didn’t waste any time and planned their attack. Super Snack Time is not your average destroy the enemies type of game. It’s more fun, vibrant, and even though it looks like you just entered Katy Perry’s California Girls music video, you will grasp that this is not simple. In every level, the game gets a bit crucial.

You have to wolf down every Gobblen in sight in order to accomplish each level. Once you miss a Gobblen in a level, you miss one life and the heart sign on the right side of your screen will automatically disappear. The game basically revolves on the thought that no food shall be wasted

Since the game gets a bit harder in every level, extra boosts will be useful. You can purchase them from the shoppe using the coins you collected or by getting an in-app purchase.

The Shoppe is the place where you can purchase the necessary boosters you can use in the game. Since some of them will utilize your entire coin collection, you have to make sure that you prioritize the things that you need.

  • Chatters- icy chill to stop the Gobblens and destroy them easily.
  • Buster- to fire up the Gobblens and have them as a barbecue treat.
  • Super Feast Time- allows you to have a longer feast.
  • Super Canon Time- provides additional time to unleash Gobblen carnage.
  • Super Juicy Time- longer juicy time for the Hoggians.
  • Super Score Time- increases the score acquired.

Extra boosts are offered in the Bonuses section and they are different from the selection in the Shoppe. The bonuses require an in-app purchase.

  • Permanent Double Coins ($1.99) -doubles the amount of coins you will get.
  • Permanent Coin Magnet ($1.99) -permanent magnetism so that no coins will be wasted.
  • Permanent Extra Life ($1.99) -allows the players to have an extra life. Four hearts will be used instead of 3.

Eye Candy
The characters already radiates a dainty look, but there is still a way to make them look nicer. In Eye Candy you can alter the Hoggians the way you want them. Some characters can only be unlocked by completing a level and can be purchased with the help of your coins.

  • Hoggy
  • Sleepy Hoggy
  • Gentleman Hoggy
  • Ghost Hoggy
  • Samurai Hoggy
  • Dino Hoggy
  • Wizard
  • Zombie
  • Santa

Coins and Energies
If you want extra coins without breaking a sweat, you can get them by having an in-app purchase. The same goes with the energy, in case you need them in some levels. The in-app purchase price of coins starts from $0.99 to $29.99. The energies can be acquired by using the coins collected in the game. But, if you want a perma-energy (infinite energy) you can have them with the amount of $1.99.


In case you lose a life and want to revive your Hoggians, you can create an in-app purchase starting from $0.99 that allows you to a have 10 revives. While a perma-revive (infinite revive) can be attainable with the amount of $29.99.

Mr. Mihoggy’s Almasnack
If you need a reference for the characters involved in the game, you can click on the Mr. Mihoggy’s Almanac. It shows the list of all Gobblins that you will encounter in the game.

Everyday, there is a challenge given to you. Though its not a required to deal with the challenge, it still adds up to the fun in playing the game. Sometimes, I get to win a challenge even without my consent– just my luck.

A Super Snack Time Experience
To be honest, I thought this game was a waste of time because it has the same gameplay as Angry Birds. I started playing it at 10 in the evening, and I realized I finished numerous levels 2 in the morning– I enjoyed playing Super Snack Time that I didn’t even notice the time. If I continued playing Super Snack Time, I might end up going to work without sleep.

The fun and non-stop action made me question their decision of releasing this game for free. But, when I checked the upgrades, bonuses, and revives, I realized everything makes sense. You wouldn’t be able to survive the entire game without having an in-app purchase. Unless, you have the mad skills to wolf down the Gobblins with your swift fingers.

I love how the developers made Super Snack Time a child-friendly game. It doesn’t exude violence unlike the zombie and shooting games available in the app store. But when you look at the story of the Hoggians and Gobblens, you will notice the eccentricity. Instead of killing their enemies, they eat them. If I have children they ask me why they eat their enemies. I will surely have a blank fale-paced expression.

Over-all this game is a must-try. I recommended this to my friends and love it! Super Snack Time has great sounds and visuals incorporated in the game. It was flawless: no crashes and lags were detected in the game. The only letdown, and a given to all the free games are the ads. Other than that,  is a fun game that I can say is definitely worth your time.

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Let’s Have A Super Snack Time
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