Let’s Learn How To Cook Fish, Beef, and Chicken!

One of my many frustrations in life is learning how to cook because there seems to be an all-out war between the kitchen utensils and I. Unfortunately on my part, the utensils have got themselves a very strong ally, my father and the ingredients. It’s been years since I’ve asked my father to teach me how to cook complex dishes but come the time for preparing our dinner, something always pulls me away from the stove and pans. A part of me wants to learn but the part of letting my father do all the mixing and the simmering is greater. But time is of the essence, I’m not getting any younger, the invisible war must end, and it’s time to make amends with the onions!

Since learning how to cook is listed somewhere in my bucket list, I have decided to start now to not regret it later in life. Don’t get me wrong, I can cook basic dishes but that’s about it. It’s time to widen my kitchen knowledge! What better way to learn other than asking my father for help? Television and applications! A few clicks here and a few taps there, I have found three applications to get me started on the road of being a cook! So, Applatter readers, let’s all learn how to cook fish, beef, and chicken with these three iOS application I’ll present to you.

If you’re asking why there’s no “Learn to Cook Pork”, well, it’s because there’s no such app that falls under the same developers as the three. Also, a thing to consider is that numerous nutritionists suggest that we all try and avoid eating a large amount of pork since it’s not going to help our diets. But we’re not talking about eating habits here because we’re learning how to cook! So, shall we start?

The “Learn How To Cook” series features video tutorials on cooking specific dishes. Other apps on the series focuses on various nationalities’ cooking style which I will write about soon enough, so stay tuned for that. For now, here are three applications on how to handle three of our favorite meat!

Learn To Cook FishFirst up, we have the Learn To Cook Fish application which has twenty instructional videos on the step-by-step process of the different dishes you can make with various kinds of edible marine species ergo, shell fish and roes included. The app’s videos covers cooking lobsters, crab cakes, English fish and chips, and even the spicy oyster of Thailand!

For $3.99, you can get the Learn To Cook Fish application via the AppStore.

Next in line is the tasty and cholesterol-oozing beef! Yes, it’s not so much a healthy choice either but they’re so delicious one must muster up more than a hundred percent of self-control not to take a bite on a perfectly cooked steak! The Learn To Cook Beef application also has twenty videos on different dishes that can be prepared with beef. Fret no more if you have visitors on the weekend because in a few minutes, you’ll know how to make a Sunday Roast! If you’re in the mood for some cow meat, then have your way with the app’s videos and learn to make Beef Fajitas, Beef Wellington, Corned Beef Hash, Cottage Pie, and many many more!

$3.99 in the AppStore.

Last but definitely not the least, my favorite among the three: Chicken!

Yes, chicken is my favorite of all time so I was stoked to see that there’s an application that can teach me how to create different dishes with chicken meat. Although the simple deep fried chicken still works magic on my tongue, through the Learn To Cook Chicken app, you can get some tips on how to make it extra tasty. Here are a few other meals you can mash up: Chiken Cordon Bleu, Chicken Fajitas, Chicken Curry, Chicken Encheladas, and many more chicky goodness!

Also $3.99 in the AppStore.

Hungry Harrie

Although the apps are pricey, it will definitely give you enough reason to be a mainstay in your kitchen! But, of course, there are still free apps with the same purpose which has too many advertisements for my liking. Nonetheless, if you’re ready to cough up a few bucks to buy the three apps I’ve introduced to you, then be my guest. I’m sure you’ll beat Wolfgang Puck the next time around!

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Let’s Learn How To Cook Fish, Beef, and Chicken!
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