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On October 10, 2012
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Get awesome deals on your favorite stores (clothes and food) with this free coupon app by Rather-Be-Shopping.com

Whether you’re close to being as financially super duper capable as Bill Gates or being frugally chic and beautiful, I bet that you are looking for a way or still finding one on how to save your hard-earned burning cash to get the best items for a lower price. As a frequent shopper myself, I can’t possibly argue with the fact that we all love acquiring new things and trying good-looking dishes. Life’s too short not to enjoy it but we need the right amount of money because unfortunately, not all joys come for free. So if you’re on a tight budget but you oh-so-badly need a new pair of skinny jeans, you can always trust an app to hand you up-to-date store coupons!

If you’re familiar with the Rather-Be-Shopping.com website where your favorite apparel stores and restaurants coupons are posted, then you’d even love their newest offer to the people, the Rather-Be-Shopping’s iOS application: !

Checking out if a particular boutique has discounts for the month is now easy as the RBS Coupons are equipped with all the information a shopper needs. As for me who had always been oblivious to these sort of things, finding out that I bought something on its retail price when I could’ve opted for a bargain via coupon definitely sucks big time! Although it’s not the store’s fault that I was stupidly clueless, I can’t help but feel cheated. Nonetheless, with an app that can help me browse through all sorts of discounts, I’m sure to save a lot more moolah than before.

Created by AlexBet.com, the RBS Coupons app acts as cheapskate’s heaven of bargains and great deals. It’s available in the Apple AppStore for free—of course it should be because it’s an app to save money in the first place. It presents its users with coupons that are arranged categorically, the store’s brief description, and most importantly, the span of time of a particular coupon’s validity. There are in-store and online coupons that are available so all you have to do is follow the necessary steps in order to claim your privilege at the respective stores.

Penny Pincher Features

  • Big and small international brand coupons
  • Organized list of stores and categories
  • Availability of in-store and online coupons
  • Neat and user-friendly interface
  • Needs an internet connection to function

Harrie The Scrooge

This app makes me wanna run to the mall right this instant! But through sheer determination, I won’t be doing just that. It’s better that I browse the coupons first before saying goodbye to my paper bills again. RBS Coupons is a great addition to Lavinia Dee’s app review on other helpful coupon apps here on the Applatter site so please do check out all of them.

For all the shoppers out there, do make use of coupons to save more and get more!


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Rather-Be-Shopping.com’s iOS App
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