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On November 27, 2012
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Easier tracking of social networking accounts with StatNut!

With all the hoopla that is surrounding the continuous birth and development of social networking platforms, people are becoming more aware of the thoughts of people around them, and vice versa. Also, because of this continuous progress, we are being careful about the opinions that we share through various media, and the people who follow or befriend us in different social networking sites. These social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be brutally addicting to the point that you often put behind the more important activities because most of your time are designated to your insatiable habit of lurking other people’s accounts.

Social networking sites have their good and bad sides. It can be good because it allows you to connect to people and to a bigger base of audience easily. And because of the intercontinental connectivity that the different platforms can achieve, your agenda can be received worldwide.

On the other hand, social networking sites can be bad because the more people follow you, the less you keep track of the ones that you can trust and the ones that only follow you for the purpose of trolling your accounts. This is how most people on Twitter and Facebook attract bashers and status trolls because when this group of people don’t agree to what you’re saying, you’re often flooded with multiple statements of hateful remarks and such. But we have got to admit that having hundreds and thousands of followers and reposts can be the coolest thing in the world.

If you’re one of the many who spends most of your time guarding your following, your status on your accounts, and the materials that you post on your Tumblr and YouTube accounts, then you need to have this app called StatNut installed on your iPhones, stat! StatNut is a social networking tracking app that allows you to track your social networking accounts all in your handy iPhone device. With StatNut laid out in your mobile interface, you won’t go maddeningly nuts over your stats!

StatNut ($0.99) is a new iPhone app from Shiny Frog and FFFABS. It is a utility app that lets you track your accounts from your online social services. For now, StatNut supports social networking services namely: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Vimeo, and Dribble.

Each of these social networking services has different color scheme that allows users to distinguish the accounts. Each account that you add on your StatNut will hold your account’s relevant data. For example, when you add your Twitter account on your StatNut, you can trail the number of your followers, tweets, and the tweets that you have Favorite-d, while YouTube includes the number of videos. With StatNut’s clean and colorful user interface on display, users will have fun tracking all their social networking activities!

StatNut for iPhone, stat!
It is very easy to arrange your StatNut account. Just type in your usernames for each account that you wish to add in the app, and then you’re good to go. The controls for StatNut are mostly just tap and swipe. Swipe to the right to go to Settings (the gear button) and change your username there.

Swipe to the left if you wish to open the browser. Tap the eye button in order for you to be directed to the mobile site of the social networking accounts. Swiping to the left will also show users the specifics of their accounts such as the lists, the number of your tweets, your Facebook likes, favorites, the amount of time that you used while using the service, and others.

If you want to sort your accounts, hold the specific social networking tab. Pull down on your screen to refresh your stats and see new details or changes.

Users can add as as many social networking accounts as they wish. Just be sure to enter the username and password for each account to access it through StatNut.

Jango’s stat:

“This app is dope!”

Simple and minimalistic art design can be a good way to attract users… Female users mostly. But all in all, anyone of any gender can definitely use this regardless of the design. The controls are very easy to understand as well. StatNut is very neat in terms of aesthetics and controls.

It’s just kind of weird when I used this app and I decided to browse my Instagram account which was integrated in StatNut, because then the app directed me to my actual Instagram account. And so I have forgotten about StatNut and  just dwelt on Instagram instead.

Despite StatNut’s pleasing interface, the app really doesn’t offer much in terms of functionality. Once you get a stat listing of all your social networking accounts, there’s nowhere to go from there. It would have been more fun if you can glimpse the account of a new follower when you refresh your StatNut account. For an app which has an objective of being a tracking platform for social service users, it just seems right if they will allow users to read a bit about their new followers just so they can have a proper tracking of them. I wish this feature will be presented in the next update.

The price is a little too much for an app that only offers a numeric data of all your social networking activities. StatNut would have been good free since people who are not really obsessed with social networking services wouldn’t bargain even a cent for a tracking app. Maybe with more features, the price will be justified. But until then, this is better off free. Just my opinion.

Maybe this app is really just for the virtually inclined or obsessed users who need to have a minute by minute tracking of all their new followers, retweets, video numbers, posts, and the like. Oh the cyber world!

Still, this app kind of grew on me.

StatNut is now available on the .

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