What’s your OPI color?

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On September 11, 2012
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The OPI app allows users to view the different colors and collections that are available in the market.

I live by the mantra of “”. I bet you just belted out that famous . But really, girls are lucky when it comes to having fun. Simply because they can do almost everything with themselves without getting that bizarre looks from other people. Girls can experiment in various ways: changing their hair color, wearing different types of clothes, cutting their hair short or growing it out, and so on. Not that I’m saying that boys aren’t lucky or couldn’t do the same thing. But girls can do a lot of things with no holds barred and with no raised eyebrows. Just like my very own fixation, having freshly painted nails every week.

I have been painting my nails ever since I can recall. I remember when I was younger when I used to envy my mom’s long red nails. I promised myself, “I will be able to paint my nails with different colors when I grow up”. Now that I’m older and liberated from the strict school policies, I can paint my nails with any color that I fancy. The only problem now is picking the nail color everytime I go out and have my nails done.

OPI, one of the top brands when it comes to nail lacquers came up with an app to meet their growing market. The OPI app allows users to view the different colors and collections that are available in the market. Are you uncertain of the color that you like?  The virtual studio will let you try on the colors and collections depending on your skin tone. This app will make it simple for you to decide on the color that will suit you and will make your visit to the nail salon a stress free experience.

Nail Polish Obsession

This is the perfect app if you are a woman who has sworn to live up painting their nails. I have to admit, I am one of those women. I love it when I see my nails groomed to perfection with the perfect shade of polish. It helps boost my self-confidence and makes me feel that I look like a million bucks. Sometimes my mom thinks I’m obsessed with my nails. Truth is, I’m obsessed with how my shipshape nails makes me feel.

Is the OPI app for you?

If you have the nail polish addiction or just simply a follower of the brand, then OPI app is the perfect app for you. Gone were the days when you are having a hard time choosing which OPI shade to purchase or to put on while you are having a indulging day at the nail salon. Looking for a new collection? The OPI app will give you all the niceties and colors available for you to choose from.

Other Provided Information:

Aside from choosing from different colors and new collections available in the virtual studio, OPI provides news about their brand, and tips and ideas in having perfect nails through their Facebook feed. The Facebook feed is part of their app, so there will be no need to search for them in Facebook and like their page just to acquire fresh OPI news.

Ready to get the nail revamp? Get the available in the App Store for free.

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What’s your OPI color?
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