WorldCard HD: A Business Card Scanner for Your iPad

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On November 29, 2012
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Applatter gives a quick overview of Penpower's WorldCard HD- the feature-rich business card scanner for iPads.

Applatter has recently reviewed Penpower Technology’s WorldCard Mobile and gave it high marks for being a simple-yet-useful useful business application. And we did mention that there was one flaw that needs to be addressed. Good thing they did address the problem, although a bit differently. The is the souped up brother of WorldCard Mobile, and just like any brother who’s somehow way better than you are, the iPad app features better OCR technology and MORE! As the iPad version of WorldCard Mobile, WorldCard HD does a pretty neat job at scanning and reading business cards quickly. It’s just as easy to use as its iPhone brethren, and makes storing contacts way easier, to boot.

The Applatter team tested the app using an iPad 3, and just to make sure that the app delivers even with the latest tablet, we did take a few pictures of some of the business cards we have with us. And we invite you to take a quick look at some of what WorldCard HD offers, below:

1. Accurate Data Recognition

While the WorldCard Mobile does an inconsistent job at accurately reading contact information, WorldCard HD reads contact details accurately, regardless of the font size. Since the characters are recognized accurately, you can just snap a bunch of clear business card photos and expect all the details stored to be right on the money. You can also send contact information and change your contact’s photo, among others.

The app even intuitively knows which to choose as the first and last names and the work phone number.

The General Settings feature lets you adjust the character recognition ability of the app.

2. Cloud Storage

You can use iCloud and Dropbox as backup for your contacts.

3. A Lot of Options for Adding Contacts

WorldCard HD lets you create a new contact by pulling an image from your photo album or by snapping a picture of the business card with your camera. You also get to import information from your iPad contacts.

You can switch from list view or photo view when looking for your contacts, and the app allows you to sort contacts by his or her name or the company he or she works for.

 4. Comprehensive Guide

The included Help feature lets you better understand this app and make use of it’s other features. WorldCard HD is clearly a lot more complex than WorldCard Mobile, and so all the buttons are labeled, and a Quick Start guide automatically pops up when you first open the application.



Eager to download the app now? WorldCard HD can set you back by $14.99, but it’s a business card manager that can recognize different characters, organize your business contacts, provide you storage backup, and more. Click here to be redirected to the 

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WorldCard HD: A Business Card Scanner for Your iPad
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