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Worldictionary is one helpful reference tool that contains a wide array of languages. Easy to use and easy on the wallet.

Traveling indubitably has its rewards. You get to meet people from all walks of life, all with different beliefs, culture, ethnicities and nationalities. Seeing the entire world in a different perspective is also something that people enjoy in their travels. Experiencing strange countries and different climates let you appreciate the complexity of the world more. Surely, anyone who can afford traveling lusts for new experiences and new people.

They also want to understand the different languages.

Enter Worldictionary.

Best used on the iPhone 5, Worldictionary is a convenient tool for understanding the different languages in the world. Think of it as BabelFish or Google Translate gone more mobile. You can use the app even with just one hand, since it allows you to just focus the app’s pointer at a specific word and wait for a translation. There’s no need for typing–just tapping and picture taking, really.

Multi-Awarded for Several Reasons

Wordictionary has already bagged several awards for its revolutionary take on the old, bulky dictionary. Here must be the reasons why:

User-Friendly Point-and-Shoot Translator

Of course, the app comes with a user guide (just tap the gear icon and scroll down for the guide) to help new users with the application. But basically Worldictionary works with your iOS device’s camera to translate words on the spot. You read that right; typing in words to find the translation is now a thing of the ho-hum past.

Those who have just downloaded the app will appreciate the instruction shown above.

Definitions become available by tapping on the word.

Look at how the definitions are listed!

You can also just take pictures of blocks of text and have each word translated one by one.  Alternatively, you can have full sentences translated in seconds.


A Digital Polyglot

Some people usually take years to learn around 5 languages, but Worldictionary allows you to learn a lot more than that as it can recognize and translate Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian and more! The app also allows you to access Google, Wikipedia and YouTube for any language concerns. A feature will let you access these sites with just a click of a button. It also helps that you can choose the translation engine in the Settings menu!


A True Time-Saver

Worldictionary also automatically saves the words you look up, so you can have your very own word database to help your vocabulary!

Still not convinced? Check out Worldictionary’s video below!

 Globetrotters and would-be travelers finally have a great app to help them further appreciate the entire planet. Meet new people, taste new food, see a diverse marine habitat, experience a whole new world. today.

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Worldictionary: The Traveler’s Friend
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