Worldwide Breast Cancer Awareness Issue No. 2

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Through regular self exams, women can finally beat breast cancer! Breast Self Exam shows you how.

After sharing the good points of the free Your Man Reminder app, we’ve decided to feature yet another health app that can help every woman with an iOS device check their breasts regularly and monitor the results of their breast exam accurately.

The Breast Self Exam app, as its name implies, is a simple yet download-worthy program that helps women keep a digital record of their breast exam results. Yes, the seemingly arduous task of touching your lady lumps every month (best done a week after your period) now becomes easier and–dare I say it–possibly more enjoyable. The app boasts of having been designed by leading physicians, and offers a much more convenient solution to an otherwise boring monthly routine!

A wide-eyed, virtual doctor will guide you through your self-examination!


Self Examinations Made Easy

Since Breast Self Exam stores vital information about the status of your breasts, you will be able to share the info with your doctor. Apart from an already simple user interface, the app comes with an easy-to-follow tutorial to help you better understand the intricacies of a proper breast exam.


Visual Recordings of Breast Exam Results


With each breast examination, you get to use either a medical diagram or your own photo and record the areas where you have detected a lesion or a lump. You can describe the detected lesion, too: Set the firmness by tapping the button, and take note of the size by using the included slider.

Because the app has all your recorded breast examinations on file, you will be able to compare the results and actually notice if there are things that you should be alarmed about.


Historical Data Stored


The History screen provides you with a comprehensive list of all the breast exams you have recorded using the app. You can show the results to your doctor if and when you notice an astonishing development to your breasts.


Notification of Breast Changes

History Lesions


Breast Self Exam even notifies you of any changes and alerts you to consult your doctor.


Be sure to set an appointment right away.

 Final Thoughts

Since the app is compatible with the iPhone 3, iPhone 4,  iPod Touch, and iPad, any Apple worshipping, iOS device toting woman in the world will have a hard time resisting a download. For only $0.99, you get an easy-to-use application that tracks your breast exam results and encourages you to check your breasts every month!

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Worldwide Breast Cancer Awareness Issue No. 2
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