App Review: My InstaStory

People turn to Instagram instantly when they have captured something that is worth-sharing to friends and other people around the globe. Sometimes, even the tinniest things like a strand of a shiny grey hair, or dirt in a shoe is Instagram-ed because those pictures, for some people, hold a special story behind their being flimsy. And with the addition of age-old, sepia’s worth of filters, the results become cooler, and even more memorable. The only bad thing is when your point is not successfully taken, and you’re flooded with comments saying “This is non-sense”, or worst, “What is this?”

Now, telling stories using your Instagram photos is easier because of this new app called My InstaStory. My InstaStory is a free iOS app from Insta Story Inc. which allows Instagram users to create a slideshow of their Instagram photos and turn it into a short video complete with music and dramatic transitions. With My InstaStory, it is simpler to tell the world the stories behind your cryptic Instagram photos. Whether you want to create a slideshow of your Instagram-ed wedding photos, a scrapbook of how your year banged, or a cluster of concert photos that you can’t get over with, you can do so with My InstaStory. Also, it is more enjoyable to view the slideshows because of the apt background music scoring your epic InstaStory. Read more

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Get Into The Groove With JAZZ: Trump’s Journey

Jazz music was founded during the 1700s in the city of New Orleans. Since its birth, other distinct jazz styles have emerged. Although it was made out of a collision between two cultures— African and American, the issue of social stratification and racial identity was hardly ever addressed in early jazz history. Back then, music that predated jazz was primarily for entertaining small groups of black slaves to alleviate them from the adversities of oppression by the white men. However, by the time jazz hit New York City, it was then being played, recorded, and listened to by both the blacks and whites. Ever since then it spanned so many cultures, allowing fervent racism to further breed within its rapid growth. It was during 1930s, the rise of technology and consumer culture, that allowed the world to take heed to blatant racism and urged people to take a stance to defend the black jazz musicians.

But the history of jazz wouldn’t be complete without the contributions of Louis Armstrong, cornet and trumpet player, singer, and recognized as one of the most— if not the most— influential person in the jazz genre of music. Despite being an African-American, with his black skin, his music transcended race and gender boundaries. He was the first man to bring jazz music to the forefront outside of New Orleans and to the other parts of the globe. He popularized and codified the well-known jazz swing rhythm that is now considered as a standard characteristic of jazz. He also broadened the jazz solo vocabulary. He was— without a doubt— the much-imitated innovator of early jazz. All right, enough of its history.

At present, did you know that there’s actually an app inspired by Louis Armstrong?

Read the app review below and take a step back in time to relive the birth of jazz.

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Pottery Lite: Traditional Relaxation

The ancient art of pottery has surpassed many a generation and survived through millenial transitions. From our pre-historic barbaric ancestors to the extravagant early civilizations thereafter, archaeologists and historians have found proof and a sneak peak to their primordial ways through their dug-up armors, tombs, relics, and pottery. The nature of their material culture the traces of their environment’s aesthetics are clear indicators of their lifestyle. Experts found that with each past community, their cultivation of the arts varied in practice and its capability to withstand advancements.

As an example of an art that has endured and quite frankly flourished during the Medieval and Renaissance periods was the art of clay-forming or most commonly known as pottery. Aside from being a vessel for liquids, creations through pottery have proved to be a great form of self-expression. From sophisticated and fragile vases to the simple and reliable dinner plates, pottery is more than just art; it is a religion, a culture. Although tangible pottery is not lost in this modernized world, it is not something that should be subject to oblivion. With that, Infinite Dreams created a multi-platform application to hand this technology-powered era their very own virtual pottery wheel in the form of Let’s Create! Pottery Lite 

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Songify your Speech!

The Applatter team has presented some notable music apps which contributes a lot in changing the lives of music enthusiasts and frustrated singers.

If you’re listening on the radio and you caught that “last song syndrome”, Shazam will instantly identify the song or artist for you. When you feel like singing your heart out with your friends, Sing! Join the global karaoke party will let you reach out to your friends in any part of the world through a song. However, if you want to show off your musical wits and battle out with your fellow music geeks, Song Pop will put you to a test.

Today, this app review is dedicated to all those music buffs out there who once dreamed of recording their own songs and becoming a world class artist. Other than being a YouTube sensation, you can now fulfill your lifelong “American Idol” or “X Factor” dream with an app called Songify.

Free for  devices

From the developer of Magic Piano and Sing! Join the Global Karaoke Party! which the Applatter team has already presented, here’s another app by Smule which will magically turn your speech into your desired music.

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Burger: The Tasty Burger Game

History says, according to Wikipedia, that a hamburger was first created in America around 1890. The term hamburger or commonly known as burger or hamburger sandwich was derived from Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany. At present, a lot of variations have been made already for this yummy treat. Different patties and ingredients are used other than beef to satisfy the cravings of the buyers. Some of which are called as chicken burger, veggie burger, tofu burger, garden burger, and a lot more. This delicious treat has already reached different countries around the globe including the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Asian countries among others. Yum!

Striking news! Burgers have invaded our mobile phones and gadgets as well. If you are an avid fan of game applications, like me, you are definitely aware of their existence. For sure, you have tried playing them too for a few times. Here in Applatter, we have already introduced to you two of the most-sought after burger inspired game applications, the Stand O’ Food and Sky Burger. Stand O’ Food, a free Android app, allows you to serve burgers to satisfy the cravings of your customers and serves as a tool also to test your strategic planning skills. In Sky Burger, on the other hand, you will need to catch all the needed ingredients in order to meet your customers’ orders. Sky Burger, which is a free iOS application, will lead you to having a mouthwatering and mind-rocking tall burger.

This time let me present to you another must-have burger and restaurant inspired game application. Presenting ! Don’t be fooled with its very simple app name as Burger will surely take your game addiction to another level. Burger will also let you become a burger master as you will need to prepare a number of hamburgers and make a good impression to your customers. Are you up for the challenge? Or are you craving for some burgers right now? Choose both!

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App Review: Picture Me Something

We love making fun of our friends’ photos in Facebook. We all go through the absurdity of tagging our unaware friends their pictures which show them being crazy, or not in their best Vogue-ish poses. As much as we love making fun of things, and ridiculous stuff about our bffs’ own business, we still keep in mind that some things need to be done with caution and maybe, a little guessing game. Sometimes, we even tag them things that will remind them how inane they are because we want to make them laugh. That’s just the coolest thing about life. We can make fun of things with the people who know us more than we know ourselves. The joy of having to share stuff with friends are just priceless, and endlessly satisfying.

And if you are like me who loves to surprise her friends with pointless chuckle-worthy pictures and stuff, then you better check this app called Picture Me Something. You get the gist. Picture Me Something, like Draw Something and other apps coined with “something”, will allow you to connect and goof around with your friends about the funniest photos through your mobile phones. The best thing about Picture Me Something is that, it’s such a familiar app—too familiar that there’s really no learning needed—that it spoils your giggling pleasure in no time. With the use of Facebook integration and sharing of private or non-private photos, Picture Me Something will leave you boisterously chortling with your friends and make them laugh at themselves silly! Read more

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Build a Food Empire with Diner Dash and Order Up!! To Go

Who doesn’t want to have a taste of good food? When a new restaurant emerges the city, plenty of curious people flock to see the new place and dishes that they will offer. However, some people retrace their steps to their preferred restaurants for their all-time favorites. When they have tons of customers, I think of the way they manage numerous people that nag them to get their orders fast. How were they able to endure such haste?

My passion for food comes with a dream of managing a diner. Who doesn’t enjoy a scrumptious dinner after a stressful day at work? Even those who are having their strict diets would wish to devour all the delicious foods in the world. I bet if I serve mouth-watering treats, customers would come to my diner. If we share the same dream, let us practice diner supervision with two diner strategy apps: and .

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Ultimate Stacker: The Jelly Tower Emprise

There are numerous variety shows in Asia that showcases extraordinary acts from different set of individuals or groups. Through the web, I can instantly access several episodes despite the distance between countries. One unique program in South Korea captured my attention when they presented the person with cup stacking speed ability. I’ve been watching the show several times and they never failed to excite me. I remember myself sticking my face on the computer screen for I might miss that most awaited part once I blink my eyes. There was even a time where I keep on repeating the clip just to see how that cool kiddo managed to do that kind of trick.

I was tremendously amazed after seeing that video. Now I know that cup stacking game really exists, it is in fact a familiar sports played by a lot of people around the globe in either single or groups that includes stacking using a plastic cups. A governing body was established to set out rules where players play the game in an exact sequence sporting the best time possible.

Today, many cup stacking players have been uploading videos sharing their fastest time playing the game. Cup Stacking is somehow one of the remarkable entertaining game for kids but also an equally fun activity for adults. Relatively speaking, there are bunch of stacker games popping out all over the internet and if you wish to try one of them you may surf the web anytime. Read more

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The Challenge: Play iMind Games

Are you up for a fun and mind-blowing brain exercise? Did I hear you say “Yes”? That’s good! Behold, in this Android app review I will introduce to you another one-of-a-kind game application that will surely make those brain cells work. Intrigued? Well, let’s start then.

iMind Games

Presenting iMind Games

, developed by XIMAD, is specifically designed for those people who are madly addicted to brain teasers, riddles, and puzzles. When you play this addicting and mind-rocking application, you are expected to use your brain—A LOT, so you better prepare yourself as you will solve a number of tricky puzzles. This app will surely test how good you are when it comes to creating perfect strategies and using strong critical thinking.

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Panoramic Views With Magic Window – Living Pictures

What I long for is to have a serene glass-house in the country side where I can spend the rest of my sunset years in this world. To wake up basking in natural light as the sun prickles my skin, to gaze at the night sky religiously and smile as they sprinkle my eyes with their glittering lights, and to hear nature’s sounds as they lull me to sleep—chimes tinkling at the brush of the gentle wind, the ocean waves crashing on the shore, and the constant calling out of the fireflies. Oh how I would love nature to swallow all my frailty as I return the soft embrace of tranquility and oh how I wish to fulfill my dream of growing old and happy while looking out a window full of lush beauty and overwhelming calmness.

As I still have a number of years to fill before my skin starts to wrinkle and my hair loses color, I resort to traveling and taking photographs of scenic places. Whenever time permits me, I snatch a couple of minutes just breathing the air of that specific place that contains so much grace as if every inhale is a proof that I am indeed there. A photograph captures so much but in times when I feel like I need a spiritual boost, looking straight into the sunset keeps my mood at bay. The hustle and bustle of city living had made me resort to an application to balance my inner peace. Watch the shifting of the clouds with me as I tell you all about the .

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