Roller Coaster Madness

Adrenaline rush in theme parks can finally be experienced with your fingertips. Madcoaster features a rollercoaster that runs through a seemingly endless maze with tricky twists and turns. Upgrades will surely be helpful, but be mindful of the birds along the way.

is an app developed by CGMatic and published by Chillingo. It is a game that has a series of death-defying loops, turns, and gaps that will surely keep your senses heightened while playing. If you are into a crazy nonstop adventure, Madcoaster is certainly a game for you. Read more

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Jump Your Heart Out With Go-Go-Goat

How high do you think you can Goat? Experience the free, exciting, and easy to play app as you jump your heart out till you reach the top with Go-Go-Goat by Best Cool Fun Games, the number 1 mobile gaming company in Latin America.

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Be A Mayor With Foursquare!

Inside each and everyone of us is a traveler and an analyst. Wandering out and about – sometimes aimlessly – had always been the perfect past time for those with aberrational feet. And with each new find, the inner critic oftentimes scratches too much making it hard to neglect the need to say something.

Yes, there is Facebook and Twitter and all those social networking sites to share enormous amounts of information to almost everybody around the globe but just in case you want to try something new that will instantly give you bragging rights, then maybe Foursquare will get you hooked.

For all those with , BlackBerry, or  phones, you might as well prepare your speech now for FourSquare might be your key to being the next “mayor” of the sizzling place in town!

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Seek and Doodle Find

There are days in our lives that are really tedious, especially weekends – no work and no school. So, what do you usually do during idle times?  I bet you want to  kill the boredom, more so, you don’t want to spend a single penny just to let the day pass by.

Yes, it’s possible! To save the day, why not play an app that gives you pure hunting thrill?

Doodle Find by KlickTock

Indie developer KlickTock have designed , a social hidden object game for both iPhone and iPad. This app actually bucks the usual trends. Rather than searching a room or other piece of scenery for well hidden items that are meshed together, this app simply puts everything up front.
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1 ZMS Message Received

Communication now has truly evolved in ways we did not really expect – from the simple ways of storytelling, word of mouth, pigeon posts, written notes, snail mails, telephone calls, electronic messages, to text messaging. Gone are the days when it takes a week or two just to get a response from your loved ones or business partners. Technology really played its part tremendously.

Speaking of messaging, are you tired of the regular and dull messages? Do you want to spice up your text messages and upgrade your messaging experience? Worry no more as  is now here to help you. Who says messaging can’t be interesting and entertaining?

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The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner: Wedding Bells Ringing!

Prince Charming, The One, Soulmate, Man of my Dreams – these terms might have slipped into every girl’s mind as they fantasize their Cinderella-like-happy-ending love story. Along with those images of a perfect partner, I bet you also dreamed of that perfect and celebrity-like wedding of the year! (I might be charged as guilty here!) Read more

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Asian Developers Release Educational App in the Philippines

Check out these app development start-ups from Asia: AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. and Kid Apps Inc.

The duo has recently released an amazing educational app that helps parents raise polite and courteous children. Named Maddie & Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners & Values, the Filipino-made app boasts beautiful graphics and engaging music. The app offers 26 scenarios that can teach your children what they need to know about proper behavior.

Although experience is indeed the best teacher, we think that learning proper behavior doesn’t have to mean finding yourself or your young ones in a series of embarrassing situations.

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The Hipster Revolution: Hipstamatic

From grunge clothing that demand attention to vintage, classic cameras that capture these picture perfect outfits, this can only mean one thing – the hipster movement has begun. Back in the days, scarves, fedoras, plaid polo shirts and lomo cameras were the big thing. Nowadays, despite the obvious height of technological advancements, everyone is dying to get their hands on the classics.

Out came the vinyl records, grandma’s vintage clothes and film cameras. Just the feel and look of old time grunge makes everyone giddy with delight. Hipster items so in the now are the Holga, Lomo and Polaroid cameras. So while others luxuriously spend their riches scouring stores for the amazing find, like a Minolta SRT-201 35mm camera, here is an app that’s sure to win your hippie heart over – the Hipstamatic. Read more

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New App in UK: Barclays Mobile Banking

Managing personal finances is not easy. Bills need to be paid regularly, and sustenance must always be available, for a single twenty-something me. This is why, whenever I find a utility app that makes the mundane things easier and more convenient, I can’t help sharing the application with the entire world (or anyone interested, for that matter).

So I encourage UK residents out there to check out Barclays’ dedicated mobile banking app (as featured in TNW).

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Swing Shot Takes the Shot and Scores!

Angry Birds, beware!

Leading South Korean developer Com2uS has just taken a shot and released an addictive network battle game that can possibly beat all the shooter games available for Apple and Android devices. Unsurprisingly, this superbly entertaining game from the mobile game pioneer has already topped 1st place in the FREE Category of App Stores in China and Korea, and is consistently bagging a lot of praises from reviewers all over the world!

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