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Groove with the Funky Smugglers!

Most of you still have a hangover from the Halloween party that you had with your friends when you dressed up and put to life your favorite cartoon characters. As I browse the internet over the weekend, I saw some famous characters as inspiration for their Halloween look: Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, The Powerpuff Girls, House Bunny and a lot more! Among these, one of the most common and easiest costumes that you can pull off would be a Retro/80′s-Inspired-Look with all the colorful outfit that you can impossibly wear on an ordinary day. Dancing to your favorite old school pop songs such as Funkytown, Ice Ice Baby, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and a lot more will make the whole experience complete!

I can’t imagine myself living in the era of 60′s to the 80′s where the clothes were usually polka dots, colorful clothes, baggy pants and curly/Afro hairstyle! Yet, I guess it was indeed fun! You wouldn’t dare to dress up like a walking Christmas Tree as you travel and go to an airport, right? Well, wonder no more as this app review will make impossibly crazy things happen! Catch the colorful, fun and adventurous duo called, the Funky Smugglers!

$0.99 for

developed by 11 Bit Studios is a paid action arcade Android application which allows its players to be an airport security officer of the day as you try to prevent those contraband items from getting into the plane brought by those funky smugglers.

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