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Android App Review: Diamonds Rush

It’s practically raining diamonds everyday in the app nation! Joining the latest list of the sparkler app phenomenon is . The game has that same premise that can be seen in other diamond tetris-inspired games. You know you love the sight of glittering diamonds, that’s why these games are rehashed over and over.

And while Diamonds Rush doesn’t really offer anything new, the game—which enables players to shatter ear-piercing smithereens of diamonds—possesses a healthy dose of entertainment, pleasing visual percepts, and replay value. You never know when you are going to stop clicking the “next level” button because this simple game can be as captivating as a real-life diamond. With the fortune of glittering diamonds abound in the app nation, diamonds are definitely forever. Read more

Android App Review: Celebrities Quiz

People who consider themselves as overzealous followers of Hollywood stars and other notable celebrities know their idols’ faces and looks to the core. When you are enthusiastically supporting a certain celebrity’s skyrocketing A-list status, it’s so easy to identify his or her porcelain face (or sometimes, excessively tanned face) as if you know that face better than you know yours. This is why the pressure on how celebrities should portray themselves in public is higher than the Empire State.

When the camera is trying to capture every inch of your alabaster skin and every pore on your face, of course, there’s nothing left to do but to look pretty and scrawny. Otherwise, they will find their plump faces headlining the latest rag mags and tabloids along Beverly Hills. That reality sucks, and that bitter truth might pass as one of the reasons why celebrities opt for a mechanically engineered-beauty than a natural one.

Thank God for the likes of Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet who would rather perfect their acting prowess than join the high roller trophy wives of Rodeo Drive. Needless to say, one of the factors why a celebrity loves going under the knife is the fact that the public and the “perfectionist” fans have already decided how they are going to perceive their idols. And people are questioning why some celebrities say their “life is unfair…”

All this blabbering is in line with this app that I found sitting pretty on my Android device, which eventually served nice for a good Android app review. See what I did there?

Yeah, HappyFaceDevs developed an app called which makes users guess the pretty Celebrity posing behind the warped and distorted face displayed on the screen. Guessing is pretty easy if you are the kind of fan that I’m talking about earlier. If you are hyper aware of George Clooney’s “I’m a hot bachelor” gray hair, or how far wide Julia Robert’s sexy mouth can go, then answering the guessing game is no difficulty for you. Read more

Run from doomsday with TheEndApp!

If we, mere mortals, are to adhere to the Mayan Apocalypse of the world ending too-soon-now come December 21, 2012, we better get our essentials packed and ready before doomsday catches us unpacked and unready. But since we all have our own, different set of beliefs when it comes to apocalyptic conspiracy theories and prophecies, we can choose to just stick to other scientific or religious beliefs, ignore the Armageddon drama, calm our nerves, save the packing for another decade or two, and continue to improve our practical, ordinary lives.

A lot of experts have debunked the drama that surrounds the End of the World Mayan divination but since some people continue to probe into the mystery where there really is none, Internet propaganda and campaign about the Judgment Day to-do lists are still abound in the curious world of spectators. Truth is, the day of reckoning is so beyond us humans because we haven’t even found any firm and accurate answers regarding our birth and evolution.

And since people are really into this foreign prophecy that signals the end according to the Mayan calendar, various forms of media interpretation from film to the internet continue to feed the monsters by supplying their own scripted version of apocalyptic drama. We can choose to look at this as entertainment or as a disturbing prediction; it’s all up to who and what you want to believe.

See, that Tolstoy-length analysis (for a single app review!) that I just made about apocalypse could be a sign that even I am exploring hard over this. Actually, what really made me look inquisitively into this was the app called TheEndApp from Goroid. TheEndApp is a runner game with a post-apocalyptic premise. The idea is to run and collect as many duct tapes and Camp Center necessities all for the sake of post-doomsday survival. Read more

What A Cult: How Smart Can You Be?

Having a variety of knowledge when it comes to just about everything—from classic and modern literature, movies and historical events, to pop culture and cult classics—is absolutely boss! We have certain moments when every time we watch reality guessing game shows, we often find ourselves grinning like fools because we know the exact answer to a certain question. That feeling of varying degrees of excitement whenever Jeopardy or Who Wants To Be A  Millionaire is up on the tube never fail to put wide Cheshire cat grins on our faces.

I often find myself feeling super egotistic and animated whenever I and my friends watch reality guessing game TV shows, and I happen to champion them by answering the puzzle first. I dig that feeling because nothing beats the feeling of being a faux know-it-all—whether know-it-all means that you’re feeling all Einstein or just a plain, arrogant Smart Aleck.

Play more riddles and test how well you know just about every topic there is with this Android app called What A Cult! What A Cult is a puzzle game that will test your knowledge about different categories such as movies, prominent or famous people, and books. With over 1000 challenges about book excerpts, movie dialogues, and figures and statements of the rich and the famous, you’ll never run out of guesses with your friends. The best thing about What A Cult? Even Kanye West’s infamous eyebrow-raising interruption to Taylor Swift’s VMAs “thank you” speech is up there in the People category. Alright, that’s a spoiler. Read more

Battle Off The Evil Minions With Nun Attack!

Nuns belong to a religious group of women who live by the pledges of obedience, purity, and chastity. Nuns or “Sisters” portray an image that is acceptable to the orthodox views of the world. Their vows of rectitude and their strict intolerance towards adulteration are what make them a devout figure of holiness. To see a nun counter any forms of righteousness and sexual morality will be undesirable to the incredulously judgmental people of the world.

So when a group of religious sisters turn into a badass squad of nuns with guns, how will the world react to it? Such is the difficult premise of this game called . People have warmed up to the contradictory ideas of comic Sister movies such as Sister Act and Nuns on the Run. Even the monastic postulant Maria from the classic Sound of Music became a beloved character to many even though Maria chose Captain Von Trapp and his kids over her supposed religious duties. So, will a group of virtual pistol-toting nuns still offend the many pretentious children of reverence? Hardly.

While Nun Attack might seem blasphemous in their aim to bring women empowerment to a whole ‘nother level (think Angelina Jolie-esque stunts for nuns, unf!), the game still possesses a redeeming quality by its objective of stopping evil and willing goodness to prevail. Now, that is more like it. Even though Nun Attack is a sacrilege to the usual sanctum belief what with their skin-baring outfits in the app’s trailer (dear lord), and gun-smashing super skills, the idea of nuns—being more than their obedient selves and still standing by their faiths—is still something godly. Even that one nun who is sporting a pirate eye-patch while blowing off morsels of demons and evil is something to behold. Wait, a nun sporting a pirate eye-patch?! Holy shhhhh—sister! Holy sister! Read more

Find the difference — CatchPlus!

“Spot the Difference” is a classic game that is enjoyed by many. Whether you are spotting the differences of two pictures in tabloids, magazines, or an application, this beloved game is a shoo-in for being a perfect game when you need to while your time away.

There is no better way to enjoy Spot the Difference than to have your own pictures cloned and retouched in order to become a couple of images available for your own spot the difference enjoyment! Get ready for Sioo Interactive Inc.’s new app called Find the Difference – CatchPlus! CatchPlus is a free social game that will allow Spot the Difference lovers to have their pictures be the object attraction for players by uploading their pictures on the app’s facebook account. With your pictures available for a spot-the-difference-play, rest assured that you will never get tired of playing this game over and over!

And the good things don’t end there! While players are exercising their keen eye sights, they will likely discover new deals and earn rewards from the app’s sponsors! Now I’m spotting the difference of this app from the usual spot the difference. Read more

Explore The World Of Dreams In Sleepwalker’s Journey

I love to dream. And I don’t mean dream as in goals and resolutions that hardly come true, but dreams as in the surreal succession of images and events that occur when you are sleeping. I happen to love the weird sensation when I’m sleeping, and some random and discontinuous events transpire in the rapid-eye movement stage of my sleep. No one is gifted enough to control their minds ala Cobb (Leo di Caprio) in Inception, and dream within a dream, sure. But only our dreams can take us to a series of bizarre and magical activities.

I was actually the type of kid who made a “Book of Dreams” when I was in grade school where you jot down all your wild and pipe dreams immediately after waking up and getting back to reality. Of course, after two narratives about the sequence of my dreams, I gave up because no kid would ever want to get up again just to write down what took place in her dreams.

All this dream talk is just a prelude to the app that made me look back on my affinity towards trance and the state of abstraction. Sleepwalker’s Journey is the latest application for iOS and Android which puts me in my reverie while still enjoying the app. Given the app’s dreamlike illustrations, sounds, and storyline, putting this app on the top of my favourite platform games is no nightmare. Read more

Android App Review: Halloween Pumpkins

I’m one of those kids who is sometimes more excited for Halloween than for Christmas. I know, there are so much that people can get from Christmas and stuff. But, the idea of playing dress-up and coming out roaming in the streets in Halloween frocks and character costumes can be so much fun. Add to that, the crazy amount of candies that you can gain just by showing up in the front porch of some random stranger’s old Califa house—Halloween is truly, frighteningly charming.

And because ‘tis the season to bring out the cauldrons and harvest the pumpkin patch, we are here to serve you, kiddies, some apps that will supply your daily dose of seasonal scare. After designing and carving your own ideas of a perfect pumpkin with Pumpkin Pal, you can test your reflex and memory with this Android app called . Read more

App Review: Nosferatu – Run from the Sun

Nosferatu is an etymological term for “Dracula” or “vampire” tracing back to its Greek origins. In 1922, an expressionistic silent film of the same name was made starring the legendary German actor Max Schreck as the nosferatu, Graf Orlok. In English, Schreck’s Graf Orlok is the alter ego of Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula. Max Schreck’s Nosferatu was so hauntingly terrifying, what with his rat-like ears and Uncle Fester-ish glare, that it earned a spot among Empire Magazine’s The 100 Best Films of World Cinema.

Despite the menacing connotation that the word “Nosferatu” implies, Smuttlewerk Interactive still released an app called Nosferatu – Run from the Sun. The best thing about the app is the image of Nosferatu himself because instead of having to look repulsive, the developers morphed him into a cuter, elf-looking runner of a vampire. So, even if Nosferatu has nothing on Edward Cullen or Lestat in the looks department, he’s still a phantasm that is rather hypnotizing, and hard to resist.   Read more

Strange Loves 1: Vampire Boyfriends

When this little known indie-slash-cult film called “Twilight” hit the big screen in 2008, the cinema history had been changed entirely. The author, Stephenie Meyer, changed the notion of the traditional vampire into something modern, and hot. Gone are the coffins and vampire dungeons nestled in the dark from Transylvania. Meyer introduced the brooding James Dean-looking vampires that can drive Volvos, and sparkle in the sun. That’s … really…strange. But, say what you may about the movie, Twilight was still such a hit that it garnered millions of fans who helped the film rake in millions of movie gross worldwide.

And the craze didn’t stop there. Soon, Twilight merchandises were born such as: pillows, Cullen necklaces, action figures and undies which say Team Edward or Team Jacob behind. It was madness; it was Beatlemania madness. And even though the film saw mixed to trash film reviews about the star-crossed theme of the story, it still remained to be one of the highly-anticipated movies from ‘08 to present. Other companies witnessed the success that bringing the non-conventional vamp-wagon to the silver screen can actually result in humongous dollar signs (we’re talking about billions here) that’s why they tried to come up with their own cash cows. From TV series like The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, to less-received parodies like Vampire Sucks, studios and execs all tried to milk in from what little change the Twilight phenom did.

And obviously in an attempt to jump to the bandwagon of the pretty “undeads”, Tin Man Games is now giving fans an app called Strange Loves 1: Vampire Boyfriends—the first of the series of an interactive gamebook apps which lets users have the chance to experience their murky dreams of ending up with a cold one—if only through a vampire app. Read more