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Jump and run with Nanuk, the Little Eskimo

The Eskimos have been an interesting indigenous group since the last turn of the century. Their culture, physical features and choice of clothing are fascinating, and the idea that they live in little dome-shaped houses made of ice increases their appeal.

I myself like Eskimos, and deeply admire how they were able to retain their culture and identity for so long. Imagine my amazement when I found out that Lugalabs has made a charming Android application about a little Eskimo and the lead programmer got his idea from Half-Life 2.

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Famigo Sandbox – Kid Lock & Family Apps: Easy, Safe, and Helpful

Kids nowadays are getting addicted with the gadgets available in the market. I bet you had an experience already wherein your kids or younger siblings begged for you to let them play with your mobile phone or tablet. And because you love them, you wholeheartedly gave in and allowed them to browse the apps on your device. After a while, voila! Hello to missing apps, deleted messages, and unexpected bills. That hurts, right?

Great news! Your dilemma is no longer an issue now. Let me present to you Famigo Sandbox – Kid Lock & Family Apps, the app that will protect your phone or tablet, files, and bills from those unguarded situations.

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Flow Free: Let It Flow!

I think it’s safe to say that most of us love playing games. Why? Probably because it’s entertaining and fulfilling to do at the same time. In fact, here in Applatter we have already presented a lot of incredible apps that have truly captured our attention and interest, which we thought you’ll love likewise. Well, are you hungry for more? Then, let me introduce to you another game that you should try as well. For those who love solving puzzles, this one is definitely for you!

For and users.

Developed by Big Duck Games LLC, Flow Free is a simple casual game application that will surely blow your mind away. To play this addicting game, all you have to do is to connect or match the corresponding colors with a pipe to create a continuous flow. The goal of the game is to pair all the colors and cover the entire board with connecting pipes. Keep in mind, though, that overlapping colors is not allowed as it will break the pipes.

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Apps to “GO”: Let’s Get it On!

Without further ado, I’m going to introduce today some interesting apps from the GO Launcher Dev Team. *Ready, Set, GO!*

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Hello Kitty Invades Android and iOS Devices

Photo by tengku84

Are you attracted to Hello Kitty? Are you one of those so-called Hello Kitty enthusiasts who tend to buy stuff with images of her? Are you hungry for more interesting collectibles and games featuring your lovable Sanrio character? Well, if you want some Hello Kitty inspired apps, then this is your lucky day! Behold, starting today this smart cat will not only be present in your notebooks, shirts, badges, bags, or other collectible items. Why? Simply because Hello Kitty will be invading your smartphones and tablets too.

Great news! I came across a number of Hello Kitty applications for Android and iOS users. The best part is that all of the featured Hello Kitty apps in this app review are available for FREE. That’s right, apps that are engaging to play but with no additional cost. So, what are you waiting for? Download them all today and start playing with no other than the famous feline, Hello Kitty. *Meow*

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Taxibeat: Hail a Taxi from Your Smartphone for Free!

Grab your phone now and download this must-try travel app called Taxibeat. Why? Because Taxibeat is the newest addition to the long list of revolutionary mobile applications that aims to provide you with professional and prompt taxicab services. Use this app to instantly find, select, and hail a taxi of your choice minus the extra cost. Say hello to the 21st century taxi: Taxibeat.

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101 How To Be Happy Tips: Laugh Out Loud!


It’s so nice to be happy.

Everybody should be happy.

It’s so nice to be happy.”

- Alexia

Photo by Cassia Beck

If there’s one thing that most of us dreamt of having, the answer is no other than HAPPINESS. Agree? I believe it’s safe to say that all of us here on earth desire to live full of love, contentment, and laughter. Who doesn’t want to be merry? I believe no one. Being happy is the best feeling in the world. How can you not feel at peace when you know that deep inside your heart and soul that you are blessed and glad? So go on, show that big smile and let the world laugh with you!

Trials do exist every now and then. We cannot escape the fact that there will be times when we will be living in misery and doubts. But, let no sadness tear or hurt you further. Believe me, the more you think about your problems, the more you become problematic. Agree?

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misHaps: Lets Your Device Find Its Way Back to You and More

In today’s world, security is of utmost importance. For plenty of people, personal space and privacy are two essentials when living in bustling cities, crowded neighborhoods and even gated communities. It’s a good thing, then, that MSGA found a simple yet effective way to grant people what they want–and more–at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Welcome misHaps.

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First Day Fan: YOU be the Critic!

Are you sick and tired of watching second-rated movies and being fooled by phony online movie commentaries? It’s really depressing finding out that the film which you thought will entertain and help you feel relaxed will only end up as another stressful idea. I know the feeling, believe me. I’ve been there and I’m never coming back!

Are you looking for an answer to your movie-related dilemma? I got mine answered and I’m going to share it with you.  The solution: Use the app this instant because it’s the real deal. It serves as your ultimate source of genuine movie reviews. This app lets you catch enthralling movie facts right from the moviegoers like you.

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Dragon Kingdom is a Tycoon Strategy Game Not for the Faint of Heart

Expand your empire in a strategy game worth a download.


Dragon Kingdom comes to the mobile platform armed with interesting features to set you on a memorable adventure. The free online grand strategy game appeals to all of us as it introduces yet another alternate world filled with dragons who crave flesh, rebel pirates who desire your existence, and a ghost ship searching for a myriad of treasures. Read more

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