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iOS App Review: Where’s My Candy?

Back when I was a kid, heaven for me is a place full of various kinds of candies with different color, shape, taste and even texture. I would see round containers, big tubes and glasses loaded with all types of candies which can bring so much joy to my dull moments. As I grew older, I realized that the heaven that I had in mind was actually called a candy shop. And that was a light bulb moment for me! I had to humbly ask for my mom some coins just to buy a piece of candy. At times, she would be generous and I will have a handful. That was one of the happiest moments of my naive life – simple yet memorable.

A flashback of that scenario had come to my mind when I saw this app developed by Zhangming Ltd. dubbed as . You wouldn’t want someone to steal your precious candies, right? One expression that I had when my sibling would secretly get some of my candies, I would frantically say, ‘Where’s my candyyyyyyy?’ And that means war. Kidding aside, if we have the same sentiments then why don’t you read on and dig into more details on my iOS app review.

More of this candy-chasing adventures after the break.

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Pudding Monsters: Stick ‘em Together!

Most of us love to eat. I mean, who doesn’t want to indulge themselves with those luscious blueberry cheesecake running down your throat with its sweet and sour kick making our taste buds crave for some more? I bet you’re lusting now as your mind wanders to a place loaded with your favorite food. Feels like heaven, isn’t it?

A meal wouldn’t be complete not without your favorite dessert that will wipe away all those aromatic flavors lingering in your mouth, right? For those who have a sweet tooth, having a dessert is a must! They wouldn’t leave the dining table not without a bite of something sweet that will tickle their taste bud!

Today, this Android app review will introduce an app that’s worthy of your sweet cravings! Have you eaten a pudding? I haven’t and if we have the same food deprivation, then why not play with puddings first before having a slice? Let the take you for a one scary and sticky ride! 

Are you ready for a fun and slimy adventure? Brace yourselves and stick the puddings all together after the break.

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Blosics HD FREE: Shoot the Blocks!

If you are one of the few who gets bored easily during Physics class, simply because it is a complicated subject that you just can’t comprehend such terms and topic, well you’re not alone. Truth be told, Physics is one of the lessons that we can’t get away with especially in our everyday lives. One proof would be, Physics is slowly dominating the app world!

You shouldn’t be scared, though. We can now apply the lessons that we’ve learned in school, the terms that we’ve missed in our exams and the processes that we’ve forgotten during recitation in class, right? This Android app review will prove to you that Physics can be both fun and challenging at the same time! With a little help from our balls and blocks friends, we can now have a clear grasp of how Physics can eventually turn your world upside down! Is it because of gravity? Well, some magic is bound to happen with !

It’s time to knock down those colored talking blocks after the jump.

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Space Zoo Fangogo: An Interactive Comic Book

I remember back in the days, I was very fond of reading. When I’m tired of playing with my toys and my sister is at school, I would prefer reading. You’re probably wondering now, what do I love to read? Part of every child’s development, we grew up reading comics. As for me, since my dad is a constant reader of a newspaper everyday, I would grab it when he’s done and I would search for the entertainment section where there are snippets of comic strips! (That scenario would be one of the happiest days of my life!) I know, I know, kids are easy to please, at times.

After reading the newspaper comics, I would instantly turn to my sister’s Archie comic book. I love the fact that I can relate to the friendship, love and humor that has been the usual theme of the comic series. I actually even find the characters like Archie, Betty, Victoria and Jughead to be quirky and witty both at the same time.

Well, in this app-obsessed world that we now live in, for sure the tech-savvy kids and parents are on the look out for some educational, interactive and affordable storybooks that they can read during their free time. Lo and behold, Applatter readers! Today may not look like the so-called Doomsday yet according to the Mayan calendar. This app review will let us explore The Space Zoo Fangogo!

Space Zoo Fangogo

Available for and

We’re launching towards the Space Zoo to meet Fangogo and his friends after the cut.

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Create a Photo Masterpiece with PhotoTangler Collage Maker

I love taking photos, especially during the momentous events of our lives. If I have a hefty amount of stash, I would love to own a state of the art camera and probably take a photography class. I would love to learn the proper approach on taking photos. Owning a camera is not the only thing we need to get the best shots. We need the knowledge and skills too. A successful photographer requires to have proper editing skills. I admit that editing is my number one weakness. Photoshop is not my bestfriend to begin with. I have no patience in using it. Therefore, I turn to easy photo editing software and website. If you feel the same repugnance when it comes to photo editing, there is an app developed for people like us. Capture the memorable moments, edit, and combine it in an easy way with the PhotoTangler Collage Maker.

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TypeDrawing: Draw With Text

I’ve always told my peers that they can make me jump off a cliff rather than do art for them because drawing is a frustration I’ve come to accept and live with. At the back of my head I know that there is nothing more challenging for me than to draw. Why oh why do I have feet as hands? I have no idea. Maybe that’s why I have tons of coloring books and close to zilch sketch pads. And since we’re on the “drawing” topic, let me tell you about this app I’ve come across in the AppStore called TypeDrawing.

The instant my eyes read the “drawing” on its name, I recoiled. But there was something about it that pushed me to read what it’s all about and boy was I amazed! And now, here I am, making this iOS app review on an extraordinary drawing application that artists and non-artists can enjoy.

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What’s up with WhatsApp Messenger?

Have you ever felt doubtful answering your friend’s text? I did and it happens all the time; I hate responding to a text that comes with an enormous fee because you have different mobile carriers. The smartphone generation came with its free messaging service, then again there’s still a hurdle. Ironically, smartphones are not so smart after all; you need to own the similar brand of smartphone in order to enjoy its free messaging perks. With WhatsApp Messenger, you will no longer feel hesitant reaching your loved ones anywhere in the world as messaging can now be acquired for free.

is a cross-platform messenger that allows users to connect anywhere in the world. It aids users in file sharing and unlimited messaging whatever kind of smartphone they have. Once you set up WhatsApp Messenger, you can already revel in its features.

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Set A Beauty Appointment With Beauty Minder Lite

To be placed on the waiting list is what women hate the most. You need a haircut but you have to wait for an hour because you missed your scheduled haircut. Stressful isn’t it? Be in control of your schedule by the Beauty Minder Lite app

, designed by Outside Ventures LLC is tailored for women who are reliant on their beauty, health and wellness needs. It helps throw in together the list of your beauty, health, and wellness appointments in one app.

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Know True Beauty with Beauty Analyzer

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” –Have you ever wondered how the magic mirror identifies which person is beautiful? Magic mirror’s secret is finally revealed with the Beauty Analyzer app.

is an app developed to help you find out if a person is beautiful or not. The app is designed to check facial features and will give the percentage of the person’s beauty. The results will discern how beautiful you are.

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What’s inside the Beauty Box?


We want to have a flawless body and facial features. In order to have it, we should know how to care for ourselves. But the problem is do we have enough knowledge in taking care of our face and to further enhance our features?

Knowing the accurate steps towards a beautiful face and body is now easy with Beauty Box. will teach us all the proper techniques to enhance our face and to know proper care for our body. Beauty can now be attainable in just one simple app with few easy steps.

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