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iDocs Pro: View, edit and share your documents easily on Google Drive

Managing your Google Docs on your iPhone, iPod touch or even your iPad doesn’t have to take an hour to do. Quick edits, shares and views do require  an easy-to-use and intuitive UI, and thankfully, the iDocs Pro delivers.

Will iDocs Pro prove to be a useful productivity tool?

Take a look after the cut and you be the judge!

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Beauty and Shape Tips Right at Your Fingertips

Health, beauty, and fitness are the top concerns of men and women. People strive hard not only to be fit but also to be beautiful. For some, being beautiful also means being sexy, which is why a lot of people research on ways to achieve both.

Beauty and Shape tips by Acquamedia, is an app developed to help men and women achieve a youthful face and sound body. The app gives tips and tricks on how to achieve desirable results.

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Runway Ready in Chanel

Black, white, and runway ready clothes all in one luxurious app. Spruce up with the latest collection from one of the leading couture houses, Chanel.

Chanel, led by its fashion director, Karl Lagerfeld will help you find your favorite fashion pieces. Check out Chanel’s latest collection, fresh news, and see the exclusive photos straight to your iOS devices.

Straight from the runway features:

  • Receive exclusive Chanel news
  • The store locator helps you track the nearest Chanel store anywhere in the world.
  • Get the exclusive photos of different looks from the Chanel fashion show.
  • Available in different languages: English, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Korean
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I’ll Make You Way Cooler!

You think you’ve made your photos cool with all your photo editor apps? You can still make it way cooler!

Way cooler is the newest app that instantaneously allows you to create a deteriorating yet artsy type of photos. You think that’s cool? Wait till you try its fantasy features.

Cooler Features:

  • It allows you to choose from 6 different free categories: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, and other bonus items that will let you transform yourself into different characters. Read more

Forever Fashionable, Forever Young, Forever 21

Fashion problem: You’re tied up at work, and you need to purchase a mullet skirt, romper, and platform heels. What will you do? Fashion dilemma can now be easily solved as Forever 21 will give you a shop-till-you-drop and stress-free shopping experience with their stylish app.

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Escape the Gates of Hell with Gun Zombie

When zombies plague the city, how will you survive? Are you ready to test your survival skills and be chased by aggressive zombies?

Gun Zombie: Hell Gate is not to be played by flimsy gamers as it contains violence, and it is littered with hasty zombies ready to strike and eat you alive. This app rekindles with other zombie favorites and is made even better, allowing us to kill time and kill zombies wherever and whenever we want.

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The Surf Escape of Subway Surfers

Surf away with a new endless runner game. Subway Surfers offer amazing graphics, great acrobatics, and barriers that will intensify your cunning escape from the cops.

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Roller Coaster Madness

Adrenaline rush in theme parks can finally be experienced with your fingertips. Madcoaster features a rollercoaster that runs through a seemingly endless maze with tricky twists and turns. Upgrades will surely be helpful, but be mindful of the birds along the way.

is an app developed by CGMatic and published by Chillingo. It is a game that has a series of death-defying loops, turns, and gaps that will surely keep your senses heightened while playing. If you are into a crazy nonstop adventure, Madcoaster is certainly a game for you. Read more

Swing Shot Takes the Shot and Scores!

Angry Birds, beware!

Leading South Korean developer Com2uS has just taken a shot and released an addictive network battle game that can possibly beat all the shooter games available for Apple and Android devices. Unsurprisingly, this superbly entertaining game from the mobile game pioneer has already topped 1st place in the FREE Category of App Stores in China and Korea, and is consistently bagging a lot of praises from reviewers all over the world!

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