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Express your Love: 5 Couple Apps for Android

Getting into a relationship requires love, trust, patience and most importantly, time. However, living in this fast-paced world gives us so little of our time to spend just a minute or two with our special someone. Now the question is: How can couples kiss and make-up in this app-obsessed world? The return of “Little Miss Cupid” is here! Today, this app review will shoot your hearts with my bow, arrow and My Five Couple Apps for Android!

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Appy Couple: Wedding App-Invitation

Want to propose a date with your crush? Duet will help you ask your crush out on a date to a fancy restaurant. Hungry and can’t decide where to eat? Urbanspoon will help you decide and find restaurants in your neighborhood. Got engaged and planning your wedding is a pain in the neck for you? The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner is your wedding savior as it helps you plan every detail of your pre-wedding itineraries. Today, we live in an app-obsessed world. Whatever things that we need to do, for sure, there’s an app available which can help you make your life easier and better.

The chilly Winter season is fast approaching, and it is a good time as any for couples to tie the knot and confess their love for each other in front of their loved ones. Living in an app-obsessed world will make our wedding planning as easy as falling deeply in love with your special someone. Again, let me be your “Little Miss Cupid” and this app review will make your pre-wedding planning with your lovey dovey a fun, easy and magical way like never before!

Apart from wedding gowns, dresses, cakes and souvenirs, weddings would never be complete without your wedding invitation! How would your loved ones know about the details of your wedding such as venue, time, date and other pre-wedding information? Word of mouth or a text message wouldn’t be a good idea after all, right? Spread the good news of love and everything nice to your loved ones with an app called Appy Couple!

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