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Destructive Creativity by Wreck This App

Have you ever experienced the moment of being unable to express words appropriately? Or times when you completely lose that train of thought and you’re left there with your mouth hanging open? Writer’s block, best known as the boulder of incoherent ideas blocking the opening of a cave filled with mountains of creativity, happens to the most brilliant of people. Some people resort to simply blocking themselves off from the world hoping that the streak of creativity hits them at another time. Well, for those who simply aren’t gifted with patience then the journal by Keri Smith is perfect for you.

“Wreck This Journal” is the book best known as the creativity booster and excuse to be creatively destructive. It is a great way to start thinking out of the box – more suitably, outside margins and lines. Though the book is easily purchasable over a hundred bookstores, some people who don’t have the time or the “effort” to carry one simple book will be happy to hear there has already been an app created that perfectly resembles Keri Smith’s book.

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Tattooed on You: Ink by Ink

Tattoos have long been dubbed as taboo. Yet, this notion still has not hindered people from getting their bodies inked. A form of expression that is incomparable to doodles on drawing pads, tattoos become a physical part of the person signifying spiritual growth, an unavoidable change that had occurred or an unparalleled personality to which cliché clothing fail to express. In a sense, tattoos have not only become a means to freely express oneself but delve into an even deeper meaning to that person’s existence.  Like the famous Johnny Depp stated, “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”

While some people have their tattoos all planned out, some simply get inked out on a whim. I plan on getting myself inked by the time I turn 25 for reasons I do not wish to comment on further. However, for those who are planning to get tattooed but a bit curious as to how a tattoo would appear etched onto their skin, here is an app that is sure to answer all your “inkling” questions – Tattoo You. Read more