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App Review: Wishlab

Please allow me to start this off with a greeting: Happy new year, Applatter readers! And in line with the new roundabout journey of our planet around the sun, let’s all start 2013 on the right foot by being positive and goal-minded. Remember that it’s up to us to make one full year—or our lives, even—on our favor. What better way to make this year unfold gradually good than to achieve your wishes, be it short term or long term? If you’ve been constantly throwing your dreams back to make time for some other ethereal thing, then you’re probably missing out a lot! But lo and behold, there’s a freshly brewed application that can literally help you keep track of all your wants by giving you a timeline of your progress.

Interested on finding out what is all about and how it can help you set your eyes on the prize? Then read more of this iOS app review after the jump.

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