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Crazy Monster Truck – Escape

When it comes to extravagant, pimped up, and humongous automobiles, my mind never misses to recall the over-used “toys for the big boys” phrase. But come to think of it, isn’t it a tad too discriminatory? Women can have their own big wheels too! I’m not sure if it’s for rhymes sake or some complex societal faux pas, still, the five-worded expression gets under my skin every single time. Being a car geek myself, I cringe in every occasion when people start to imply that monster trucks and driving are for the “boys”. I guess they’ve never heard of the sizzling truck driver, Lisa Kelly, from History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers. Nonetheless, in real life and in the digital world, boys and girls alike can now have their go in a gutsy and umped up truck through the Crazy Monster Truck – Escape!

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Eagleye Finder: Where’s Your Car?

Parking had always been my downfall whenever I’m the one manning the steering wheel while everything else is easy enough. It kinda sucks (big time!) and it’s a bit hilarious as well that my problem lies in parking lots. However, I still think that my problem is very much mundane compared to those who are pro-”parkers” but can’t remember where they parked. Sounds funny, right? But it’s not a laughing matter when you are lost in a sea of automobiles with no idea where yours is.

No need to call security to help you find your vehicle because you can now navigate your way straight to your baby with the use of an application called !

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Safety First With “Car Home Ultra”

Advertisements and warnings about driving safely had been going on for years but car-related accidents still occur daily because people are not taking precautions regarding their safety. But even if you take preemptive measures just before you take that drive, there’s still a great chance of being involved in a crash especially with the machismo attitude of drivers these days. So much so, the most common reminder for the drivers out there is to disregard their cellphones when they’re on the road but if you really need to answer that call or text, then you should consider downloading Car Home Ultra, your new car dock best friend.

For . (Free)

Requires an Android 2.0.1 or later.

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TomTom U.S.A.: Drive Safe and Sound

Road traffic is one of the worst villains that we have to conquer on a daily basis. It’s unpredictable and very annoying. It can cost you your job; even your life. Okay that’s heavily dramatic, but, why annoy yourself with traffic woes when there’s an app called . which can help you navigate traffic and change your route without the hustle and bustle? Say goodbye to being the fast and the furious and get your fill of daily traffic info with this neat car application.

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